Wednesday, January 9, 2013


this is the seven-hundred-and-eleventh post on my blog.

oh wowee look, the lights are flickering!
i am easily amused.

in actuality, i feel anything but chirpy.  other people are getting back to the daily grind ; college, school, work, other watchamacalits. me, i'm sitting in front of the computer creeping all over cyberspace. maybe taking time off for seven months wasn't such a good idea? well i'm sure i'll feel differently when i'm in aussie in march, or scaling kinabalu in may (yes, it's really going to happen!!)

i was told i'd been shortlisted for a short term job i'd applied for, and that their HR dept would get to me. i was so grateful and optimistic when i heard that! but it's been one week and i'm still sitting by the phone twiddling my thumbs. nope, nada, not a single ring from them. zero, absolutely zilch.

there are three big pimples on my face. on the upside, they've all decided to be merciful and come up within the hairy region that is my eyebrows ; two on my left brow and one on my right brow. thus they are absolutely unnoticeable and do not affect my appearance in the least. cool, very cool of them.

lack of human interaction is turning out to be a serious problem here. i'm a chatty social person, and when i don't get enough of socializing i shrivel up like a dead leaf. i do still get out and about for cf, church, and workout appointments, but it's not enough!

heading out to mpsj later for some much needed exercise and fresh air and hopefully that cute guy i've been seeing around the past few times will be there too hehe. methinks he's a footballer (uhh.. football is totally not my thing) but hey nothing wrong with just appreciating the view eh B)


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