Friday, January 11, 2013


yesterday (thursday) i was feeling utter crap. my nose was running like a leaky faucet, i was sweating yet feeling cold. i thought of throwing in the towel and curling up in bed instead of going for my run as scheduled. but somehow, i dragged myself through the door and to the track.

managed to log in a 14.14km run and 4km of bike. 

of all my runs, yesterday's one was probably the absolute worst, the most horrible, most torturous one. i tell you i was going through every level of hell, suffering and cursing. but do i regret going ahead and whopping my arse as bad as i did?


because yesterday i learned again ; no matter how much you think you can't go on anymore, you can. you always can. 
so much more than you imagine.


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  1. Hi Cheryl! You've been such an inspiration and encouragement to me and I'm sure to everyone who reads this blog as well. Thanks :)

    I was wondering, do you listen to music when you run? If yes, what earplugs do you use? Because mine keeps falling out. :/