Thursday, January 24, 2013


the past couple of posts have been so emo and heavy and philosophical.
okay that's it enough of wallowing in emo-ness already!

i'm back to my normal chirpy self! 


on monday some of us from inti cf went for dinner at this burger bakar place. apparently it's an extension of the original thing over in wangsa maju. with so much hype and hoo-hah following its name, we decided to check it out for ourselves as well.

there are no menus, all that's available is this huge banner right next to the counter for you to refer to as you place your order.

natthan pondering his order.
"hmmm... which artery clogging choice would satisfy my tastebuds the most?"

the setup of the restaurant is pretty basic and simple, almost spartan. no fancy schmancy fittings or whatnot. i recall it being quite warm in there as well, probably due to lack of airconditioning.

they use a numbering system in serving customers. a sign flashes the order number, and the person who placed that particular order is supposed to go to the counter to collect it themselves.

weiwei and natthan happily waiting for their turn to be called.

the first person at our table to collect his order was ryan.

ryan's double beef baconizer.

will you just LOOK at that.
now, that's a burger! ;)

apparently the patties at burger bakar kaw kaw are handmade, hence being fatter and thicker. unlike SOME other restaurants i could name..
* cough McD's cough *

isaac's chicken burger.

jared smothering his burger in chili sauce.

jared's burger deconstructed.

jared, weiwei, natthan.

myself, natthan, steph.


Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw @ SS15

47-G, SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Subang, Selangor, 47500
(along the same row as Starbucks)

Google Maps coordinates : 3.074159,101.589473
GPS coordinates : N 3 04.450 , E 101 35.368


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