Friday, September 28, 2012


it's a saturday, the day where i go for my usual long run. long as in 15km+. i really need a good run today, as i've been down with flu for the past couple of days and have basically been a lazy potato indoors. normally i do this on saturdays

Saturday Workout Routine

walk to mpsj
run for a solid hour

** water break **

run for another 20mins

** water break **

8 minutes of running stairs
8 minutes jumping rope
walk back home

HOWEVER, today of all days when i need it, i won't be able to go. on the upside though, it's because we're going to my grandparents house to celebrate the mooncake festival. i guess i'll just have to wake up early tomorrow and run before going to church.

alarm set for 0500hours tomorrow. 



Wednesday, September 26, 2012


when i was interning, i did quite a bit of writing. 

one of my assignments was for this celebrity's show. i was to come up with advice on how to eat healthy and creative ways to be active, for her to talk about on her show and so i did. it was said that this piece would only be intended for her show.

some days ago, i was browsing the internet and happened to visit her website. i saw two of my articles there, every single word exactly as they were. however, she made it look like it was hers, never crediting their original source (in other words, me.)

please understand i'm not mad, or even annoyed. but it beats me why she would do that. i mean if you have a website, shouldn't the content be YOUR own, for the individual to express their personalized thoughts, feelings, and views? instead of squarely copy-pasting it from someone else?


Saturday, September 22, 2012


a couple days ago i went out with rachel. 

our last time hanging out together before she leaves to UK! there's this queer combination of conflicting emotions - on one hand i feel really happy for her because she's doing something she's interested in, that she'll be able to have the experience and exposure of living in another country. on the other, she won't be here anymore. i'll truly miss her, not being able to meet up, girltalk, and our premarathon sleepovers that we always have before a race!

ah well let's get on with this post. 

had subway for lunch, i've been craving it for the longest time ever! sub of the day was roasted chicken, the healthiest option on the menu and its calories are the second lowest (option with the least calories is the vegie delite but eating just vegies + bread and paying so much? no way.)

my sub on the right looks way bigger than hers because i asked the guy to load on the vegies. i think he got annoyed with me but well whatevs.

my roasted chicken sub omnomnom

headed to popular because she wanted to get some stationary. 

a picture i took just for the heck of it, and also because i wanted to update my blog with more pictures (i know my blog has been substantially lacking pictures of my daily life for quite some time already.)

paper quilling art.

outside some huge petstore in ikano. the bunny is overexposed!

after that we just walked around and browsed a bit more and i bought a couple of things. it seemed like hardly any time had passed before we both had to go. 

last picture together, because who knows when we'll see each other next!

all the best in UK and God bless!

p.s. some of the stuff i got that day.

flats from pyramid, rm25

earrings from ikano, 3 for rm10. 

i got a dress and a belt too but they're upstairs in my room already and i'm too lazy to take them down and lay them out to photograph them hee.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


today justin told me he was bored so i randomly asked him to name three of his favourite animals. 
"my favourite animals ahh.. dog, cat, and hamster." 
"WHAT. why so predictable."

anyway here are my 3 favourite animals too, in no particular order.

if i were to have a pet, i'd like a small furry mouse because they're cute, easy to care for and take around, don't occupy much space, plus they're not annoyingly noisy like how dogs and cats can sometimes be.

wild snow leopards are wild, free, powerful, majestic, mysterious, beautiful and silent.

and i like dolphins because they're sociable, friendly, intelligent, affectionate, and playful. 

also does anyone else think dolphins always look like they're smiling? because i think they do. 


Saturday, September 15, 2012


i don't style my hair or use any products on it ; never have (too lazy) and i highly doubt i ever will. 

i'd messily scraped up all my hair into a bun as i was getting ready gathering all my stuff for college that morning. let my hair down when i reached college and was rather pleased to see that it decided to work with me this time and flow in soft waves.

okay not the best place to take a picture but nehh

so the some time ago i was shopping with some girlfriends at 1U and we went into topshop. they grabbed armfuls of clothes to try on ; however i was tired and lazy (not to mention too poor to afford anything there anyway) so i chose to wait for them on the couch outside the changing rooms. 

there was a guy there hanging up clothes and ironing them. so me being the chatty person that i am, struck up a conversation with him. my friends took FOREVER so we talked for a pretty long while. from what i gathered he seemed decent (and he was cute too hehe.)  

fast forward a couple weeks, i was there with my mum because she'd wanted to get some stuff from jusco. passed by and i happened to see topshop guy still working there. he remembered me as well and said hi and stuff and asked for my number.

well since he seemed like an 'okay' person i did give it to him. but he never called.

why would a guy even ask a girl for her number if he was never going to contact her? beats me. 


this reminds me of something i'd read somewhere ; that guys prefer girls who give them a hard time because of something to do with cavemen who hunt and guys being predatory creatures that they are, lavish the thrill of the chase. i probably made it too easy for topshop boy, heh. 

i need to get myself this book. 

kidding. i'll always rather be a nice girl who prefers going running at the track than a seductive come-hither bitch with killer heels getting it down in the club.

and plus because i'd rather have an equally nice guy than a smoldering bad boy. 

gotta run now (literally) soo,
laters! :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012


sometimes, even though nothing particularly exciting is going on in my life, i still like to come here and write. just because i like writing like that and i think that if i don't write regularly enough, as with everything the less you practice the less you have it.

people may not be as interested to read what i have here because like i said, it's not exactly a party going on all the time now. nevertheless, this blog is as much for myself as it is for my readers, and i like to entertain myself as well. hence the writings of random goings-on commence!


drew this while waiting for a lecture to begin. do you know what pokemon this is? (answer at the end of this post.) i think drawing is another thing i can do pretty okay-ly.


all my classes save one are on level 4. i always take the stairs going up and down because i have no patience waiting for the lift, plus it's faster for me to take the stairs than the lift anyway. not that i walk fast, it's just that the lift is ass slow. i get really annoyed when people get into the lift and press '2' when it's only one level up and the staircase is right next to the lift. just walk, damnit! unless of course, the person is injured / transporting goods / etc.


in media issues class, we watched glee so we could identify and analyze the types of stereotypes that the different characters represent. among them : the fat girl, the teen mom, the bad boy, the jock, the gay boy, the prima donna, the dumb blonde, etc etc etc. in that particular episode from season 3 it focused on harry shum and how his dad was so livid when he got an A- in one of his subjects. another typical asian stereotype! anyhoo, harry shum is soo hott.

get a load of that, girls! ;)


i have media planning as one of my subjects this semester. media planners do the job of researching the best places to advertise and help companies buy and place their ads. did you know that to advertise on a large bilboard in a prime location, it costs about RM3 million a year?

so here's what i plan to do once i graduate. i'm going to clear out my whole life savings and build a hugeass bilboard somewhere along the federal highway. then i'll sit back and let the bucks roll in. kaching-kaching, set for life, i'd never have to lift a finger again!


answer to which pokemon it was ; it's a bulbasaur. :)


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


some time ago i was eating ais kacang with my mum. i get a few readers from outside malaysia too, (hi there!) goodness knows how they get here from countries like france, estonia, slovakia, greenland, pakistan or canada.

anyway, for the benefit of my foreign readers, ais kacang is a malaysian dessert which translates as 'shaved ice'. a bowl is filled with a mountain of ice shavings, then milk and syrup is poured over it. a variety of toppings are added, such as jelly, red beans, sweetcorn, ice cream, etc.

so as i was saying, i had gone for ais kacang with my mum. we had already worked through more than half of it, when she remarked

"not sweet enough. take it to the guy and ask him to add more syrup." i obligingly complied. then i came back and we continued eating.

"come to think of it, there's not enough corn. could you go tell the guy to give us a couple spoonfuls of corn?" again, i went and returned with the requested corn.

"now i think it needs more ice shavings. milk as well. you should get them too."

"what is this mum! i've already asked them for so much, they'll be annoyed with me if i go a third time. telling them to add this, add that, add so many things. imagine if someone eating a burger took theirs to the kitchen and said 
'i need more lettuce. now gimme some more onions. and a few slices of ham as well.  and another beef patty. that's right, now i need two more buns.'
the restaurant would be practically giving them another burger for free! well if you want more ice then you should go ask them yourself. i'm not going back another time."

as you can guess, she didn't want to go either. so we sat and ate the ais kacang together until it was gone and we went home.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


today we watched a movie during scriptwriting class. it was titled 'no country for old men' and some scenes were pretty hardcore. i watched it through except for the shockingly gory bits, where i turned my face away and whispered to my friends beside me who had the balls to keep their eyes open
"has he finished plunging a needle and thread through his flesh stitching himself up?"
"is he still digging around with his penknife for the bullet burried in his thigh?"

went to mpsj to train for intercollege athletics. i'd done a tempo 11.6km yesterday so i'd planned to have an easy 10km today. james was already there, with a girl i'd never seen before. her name was kellie and we had lots to talk about. at the end of it we were yabbering away and james left us to run properly on his own.

walked back from mpsj to find the entrance to my housing area locked up. i spied a guard some distance within but didn't want to call out to him so i climbed over the fence to get in.

i'm going for my second appointment to tighten my braces tomorrow. oh, the joys of a liquid diet...

realized that it'll be my birthday in 3 days. i'm not a very happening person so i don't plan to do much. but it did get me mulling over what presents i'd like to receive. among them ; a gym membership or a home gym, sports apparel (running shorts and sports bras.)

my mum made stuffed tofu today. i asked my brother if he would be eating his white tofu. 
"good, then all the more for me."

among the items i consumed today : strawberry rolls, chocolate, a blueberry cheese bun, chocolate chip cookies. felt guilty for a while because i'm supposed to be trying to lose weight but then i remembered i won't be able to eat any of these for a long time from tomorrow onwards. then i also resolved to run more this week and felt slightly better.

received my confirmation receipt from the organizers of Penang Bridge International Marathon. which means come sunday, 18th november 2012, i will be joining the hordes of runners in the 21km category.


Saturday, September 8, 2012



oh gosh. oh my. oh wow.



Thursday, September 6, 2012


on why i'm single.


what other people think : long distance relationships
what i think : long distance runs

not saying i'm scouring the market for potential boys (who am i kidding, actually i'm really desperate to get hitched quick before i end up a little old cat lady. okay that was a joke. JOKE!) it would be really nice to date someone who has an active involvement in sports. not specifically running, because i'm a person with terrific inclination towards sports, or so i like to think. rock climbing, tennis, basketball, weight training, mm well considering i myself am pretty active person it would be a major plus if a guy like that asked me out.

mm okay. end of random post.

p.s. also, i find this rather amusing. heh!



Wednesday, September 5, 2012


oh hey there.

perhaps with my recent dearth of posts, you'd think that maybe i've been up to something super cool, like saving the world, being socially in demand (oh y'know, lunches, catch-ups, the such) or even on a series of flirty dates?


all i have done in the past couple of weeks or so, is roll around in bed, potter from my room to the computer, move my ass a dozen or so laps around the park in the evenings, read the newspaper from cover to cover, consume morsel after morsel of food, bask in the dim glare of the telly, and creep all over facebook.

shocker. totally exciting and filled with rollercoaster drama, ay?

the very latest in breaking news ; i was supposed to go for a run today, but due to cold and rainy weather, coupled with an annoyingly persistent flu, has turned me towards remaining indoors instead.

i have so much excitement in my life, even desperate housewives couldn't live up to me anymore. 


Sunday, September 2, 2012