Monday, July 23, 2012


finally blogging about SNR 2012!

as i've mentioned before, i was taking part in the 11.8km category. what you guys didn't know is that i paid rm50 for it, when i was actually entitled to run it for free. however i signed up before i entered SHAPE, so there was no way of me knowing that anyway. trust life to pull one on me!


even though it was a night run, BluInc staff were required to there from 4pm. headed there with neha, mira, and john (mira's boyfriend.) adelina pulled into the parking lot just the same time as we got there.

we walked towards the location agreed for staff to meet. this was my first time ever in putrajaya and i have to say, it's a really nice town!

adelina : "i'm photobombing your picture!"

yeah adelina i'm sure you have ;)

mira, neha, myself, and adelina.

some of the booths set up by sponsors. still early, not much people around yet.

helped to carry some stuff around, saw to columbia asia and linora. once i finished, the others had some stuff to do and were nowhere to be seen, so i went off to look around and take pictures on my own.

just images of the scenery at putrajaya taken randomly here and there.

fountains with a mosque in the background.

pretty vibrant yellow flowers.

the palace of justice.

the start / finish point.


went back looking for the girls, and they'd already sorted out their stuff so we were free to hang out now. changed into our running vests and i demanded for pictures to be taken!


everyone : eh this is a nice pic!
me : oh no i look pregnant with the sling cutting across my tummy. we need to take it again!

i whipped my bag off over my head, and steve so smartly snapped the picture right at that moment.


me : gosh steve, don't you know how to manage your timing when taking a picture? *grouchy face*

mira's shoes and mine. hers are sponsored by skechers. 

did i also mention that i love the apparel that the sponsor (skechers) provided for us? following the norm, most running vests are the classic colours of red / blue / yellow / white / black. while i'm not saying those colours are unattractive, sometimes variety helps to keep things fresh.

as dusk approached, linora and fiqri from took the stage and whipped up the crowd's excitement!

spotted a couple of parents with their kids in tow. judging by the picture, i'm guessing that they bring their kids along to other running events that they join. major inspiration for me to do the same when i'm a mum!

the crowd.

sun setting behind the grand arch. so beautiful!

i hope that i will be able to continue participating in runs as much as i can for as long as i can! it's truly something you need to experience for yourself. the excitement in the air, the infectious energy, the smiles and camaraderie.. it's just so uplifting, inspiring and motivating which makes you glad to be alive and be blessed with the ability to go forward.

just after the sun sank below the horizon, look at the gorgeous purple-pink hued sky! :)

my category of the women's open 11.8km was slated to flag off at 8pm. i managed to sneak across the barrier somewhere right at the front, just before they closed it off a few seconds later. my subeditor michele and the men's health editor gareth were ushered straight in front of the starting point. i thick-facedly weaved my way through the all the other runners so i was able to stand right next to michele, heh. i'm sure others were thinking to themselves "who does this gawky young girl think she is to be entitled to stand there? she has a lot of nerve!"

the gun went off and goodness! i never again wish to start directly at the front. like a wave breaking forth, the crowd surged and broke forward with incredible strength. i had no intention to rush the beginning and burn out like in SCKLM so i had planned to pace myself. however, the other runners had different ideas and it was a flurry of bodies all pushing, pushing, pushing. got kicked and shoved myself, though not seriously. 

after the initial 200metres, the crowd thinned out somewhat and i was able to breathe a little easier.

however, barely having covered the first kilometer, a stitch affected the left side of my torso. curses! another thing ; it was COLD. much colder than an ordinary night i might have experienced anywhere else. probably because of the abundance of greenery, plus absence of traffic and buildings. 

as much as the stitch pained me, i kept up running as normally these tend to fade off after a while. nevertheless this one stayed with me throughout the whole race. in an attempt to arrest the discomfort, i pushed my index and middle fingers into the stitch and pressed hard. it did help a bit, at least there was now something else i could focus on apart from the niggling pain.

did i mention there were hills? yep. they were there, if i'm not mistaken about 5 or more, standing there stoically and unforgivingly, as us poor runners chugged up their slopes, sweat beading our brows. every time i saw another hill in the distance, i would groan inwardly, then take a deep breath and with much effort, continue plodding upwards and forwards.

i had hoped to finish in 1:20, but completed in 1:25. oh well, you know what they say ;

"Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

1:25 might be more than what i had aimed for, but it's not too far off! rest assured i'll get there sooner or later.


as a member of SHAPE, i'm so glad the event went smoothly and was a success! many of the contributors / sponsors commended us and twentyfirst century sports for the run, saying they would like to be part of it again for the future. i was so happy to hear the positive feedback from participants and other parties involved.

alright, here is where i end.

til then, blowing kisses at all my readers! :)