Monday, April 30, 2012


finished up all my assignments last week, and i'm in the midst of finals now. barely did any studying for any of the papers, but strangely enough, found today's interactive multimedia, a subject i've always had a vile loathing for, rather easy. so easy that it reeks of suspicion to me! 

anyway, i shall not bore you with mundane matters. here are some pictures of what i've been up to lately.


met up with rachel the other day. 

my marathon slash sleepover buddy! however, she's been geared more towards weight training these days. girl, work those weights and give the guys a run for their money! :)

me ; rachel
my eyes look so slanty in this picture #asianproblems

our food!

mild periperi for me, as i can't stand food that is overly spicy. 

caught up, ate, and shopped before she had to head back to college.

had mum's awesome chicken stew for dinner that same day.


captainball with the youth on saturday, followed by a movie at night.

karynn, ivan, kimberly.


had an orthodontist consultation about my braces.

mould of my teeth.

i have two wisdom teeth under my gums, and they are in a completely horizontal, as in lying-down-flat horizontal position. due to their annoyingly inconvenient position, there's no way that they will be able to come out naturally so i will have to undergo surgical removal before further steps are taken. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


think that just cos it's a 'SALAD' it's healthy / low calorie? think again.

if you really want to be healthy, here's a rough guide to the do's and don't of a salad :


  • refried beans
  • deepfried eggplant
  • coleslaw (hello, do you know how much mayonnaise is used?)
  • onion rings (yes, people put onion rings in salads and still have the gall to call it 'healthy')
  • glazed nuts
  • croutons


  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • cabbage
  • kidney beans
  • pineapple
  • carrots
  • sweetcorn (steamed)
  • turnip
  • potatoes (steamed / baked / boiled)
  • mushrooms
  • broccoli
  • black beans
  • brown rice
  • peppers
  • other fresh produce


  • bacon strips
  • battered chicken
  • popcorn chicken
  • ham

also, anything with the words -
drenched in 'our special sauce' (i bet anyone that the special sauce has more sugar / oil / fat than you imagine)

as long as its a lean cut of meat (no skin or fat), it should be fine. ideally, it should be baked / steamed / grilled / roasted.


  • mayonnaise
  • thousand island
  • cream cheese
  • ranch
  • caesar dressing
  • sour cream
  • cheese sauce
  • BBQ sauce
  • ketchup
  • tartare sauce
  • guacamole (organic 100% avacado puree is fine, but most commercially prepared ones are not cos in order to save cost, they replace the avacado with some other filler)


  • olive oil
  • yogurt
  • lemon juice
  • tabasco sauce
  • soy sauce
  • pepper
  • balsamic vinegar

DAY IN THE LIFE #10 : 25/04/2012

Wednesday, 25th April 2012

ivan : you're crazy.
me : i'm focused. isn't that a good thing?
ivan : you are not 'focused'. you're obsessed. you're paranoid. in fact, you give a whole new definition to the word paranoid.

conversation from a couple days ago, don't know whether to take it as a bad thing or a compliment to how relentless and fiercely driven i can be. on typing that, i think i'll take it as a compliment, hah. and the funny thing is that i'm not even halfway through with what i intend to be. if you think that the person you see right now is 'a whole new definition of paranoid', you ain't seen nothing yet!


meal 1, 0700hrs
- rolled oats
- one red apple
- coffee

meal 2, 1200hrs
- wholegrain bread
- stirfried veggies + egg
- another red apple

meal 3, 1500hrs
- two slices papaya
- watermelon

snack, 1700hrs
- one piece italian wheat bread

meal 4, 2200hrs
- one slice wholegrain bread
- stirfried vegies
- two pieces of popiah

meal 5, 2300hrs
- two handfuls of peanuts
- coffee
- one red apple
- rolled oats


  • 7am, woke up and started work on assignments.
  • 12pm, headed to college to dump off all my assignments (finally!) before going shopping with mum again. bought another pair of the same skinnies as in my previous post, cos they really are THAT nice, and cheap as well.
  • 5pm, walked to MPSJ to run on the track there. gosh, i haven't been there for so long! 11.26km, done.
  • 8pm, followed mum on errands again. still in running gear as she picked me up straight from the track ._.
  • 11pm, reached home dead tired.

yes i realize i've consumed quite a lot of nuts today. while a good source of protein and fats, one needs to bear in mind that they contain a substantial amount of calories. but the running + walking from shopping and doing errands warrant me a higher calorie intake today, heh. plus like i said its good fats, and i only eat them once in a while.

been working so hard lately, so i've decided that tomorrow will be rest day! and also a day for me to get a few things done - register for the SHAPE Night Run 2012, go to the orthodontist for a follow up appointment, catch up on sleep (oh yes come to momma) and basically have a day of doing nothing before cranking it up for finals next week.

i remember what happened on 25th april 2007. it's in the past now, and although it was a bad experience, i'm glad that it taught me a good lesson.

how was your 25th april? :)

Monday, April 23, 2012


i'm not done with assignments yet, but i'm here because i have the crazy need to scratch my itch to blog. blogging is sort of a comfort zone for me, somewhere i can destress, release my tensions, and refocus my energies before getting on.

i have three assignments due tomorrow. i have already finished two written assignments, and the only one that's left is a website design assignment. 

sigh, design is so tricky! you may think that you've gotten a decent one down, but then when your lecturer shakes his head 'no', there's no point arguing either as design is a very subjective topic and there's no right or wrong answer. it's not like law or marketing where facts are facts ; design is interpreted differently by each individual and one man's meat may be another man's poison. it's not like i don't try, i do, but somehow design and i are like oil and water - we just don't get along.

anyway, i shall just tell you guys what i've been up to lately.


went for an orthodontist consultation a few days ago, guess why? 

yup, yours truly is going to be sporting metal tracks on her teeth soon.  

i've always had teeth which are not exactly aligned, but never really bothered much as the imperfection is not THAT bad.

the reason i'm doing it now, is because there has been a shift in their position. (why yes, teeth can move even if you're in your teens or also adulthood!)

i was rather freaked out when i realized, and started worrying in case they shifted even more. what if i were to end up with a mouthful of really crooked teeth? the horror! i decided that prevention is better than cure, and i had better fix the problem while still in its early stages.


went shopping with mum last sunday, and here's what i got.

just the basics - a pair of black flats, a white tee, and dark blue skinnies.

the skinnies, they're from Pilcro and the Letterpress, a british brand if im not mistaken and their original price was 118pounds. but i got them for dirt cheap, yay!

as everyone knows, new skinny jeans are rather stiff and starchy for the first few wears, after which they become comfy-ier and softer. since i do not want to be self consciously tugging at them when i wear them out for the first time, i have come up with a genius plan. i will be wearing them around the house to 'break them in' and soften them first, then they will be much more comfortable! sometimes i'm so brilliant i surprise even me, hah.

i know i said i wouldn't be buying any more shoes, but i will be starting internship soon and by the sound of it, i'll be running around a lot - helping with photoshoots, shopping for fashion spreads, assisting with styling, picking up other items and getting involved with events so i NEED a pair of classier yet comfortable shoes that can be matched with everything. the flats are from bata and they were so expensive ;( but mum and i had searched everywhere for a suitable pair so when we found these we were like "aiya can't be bothered to look anymore, just get them"
registration for the Men's Health - Shape Night Run 2012 has officially opened! 

categories available will be 
  • women's senior veteran : 11.8km
  • women's open : 11.8km
  • fun run : 5km
i will be joining the women's open 11.8km! 
how about you? :)

Friday, April 20, 2012


i have been alive for more than nineteen years now, and this year will mark my twentieth. two decades of life, and what have i achieved? not very much, i have to admit. what have i done that, at the end of my life when i am old and wrinkly, will be able to look back upon and still have pride in my heart, that will still bring a smile to my weathered face? therefore, i have made a list of things that i would like to accomplish before i reach the third decade of my life.


1. Run a half marathon (21km)

come the Standard Chartered - KL Marathon (24/06/2012), this will have been completed! after that, i'll be doing another half marathon this year end in the Penang Bridge International Marathon (18/11/2012)

2. Run a full marathon (42km)
i will be taking part in SCKLM next year, under the full marathon category.

3. Conquer Mt. Kinabalu

was thinking of participating the annual Climb of Hope, where NGOs raise funds for charitable causes by organizing an expedition up Mt. Kinabalu. however, if i were to join this year, the dates would be from 25-28th April, not convenient as my finals start on 30th April. next year, i will! :)

4. Get published
or alternately, become a famous blogger. 

5. Volunteer
or go on a mission trip.

6. Swim with sharks
with me in a titanium cage, of course!

7. Bungee jump

8. Skydive

9. Ride in a hot air balloon

10. Visit the major cities of Asia 
Tokyo, Bangkok, Macau, Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila, Taipei, Seoul, and Brunei.

11. Backpack across Europe

12. Live abroad 
in any country, for more than 6months.

13. Fly across an active volcano in a helicopter

14. Participate in a speed dating session

15. Fall in love
because the best things in life are shared.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


it's the last week of classes before we have our one week study break and subsequently, final examination. everything is due this week - tests, assignments, presentations, you name it. as a result, i'm walking through life these days like a zombie. a sleep deprived, coffee drinking, word crunching, page turning, zombie. which, inevitably, has had an impact on my never ending efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. nevertheless, i learnt that in spite of this, there is a lesson to be learnt.


in life, there will be ups and downs. there will be easy, light times - when you're on holiday, when there is a lull at work or in college. during such periods, keeping a healthy lifestyle would be so much easier. 

however, there will also be insane times, where life will just seem to spin by - a project at work, an important exam, assignments. these events will require you to give much more priority and effort, that you will have less time to dedicate to giving your all and keeping up.

it is important not to be discouraged during these times. true, i felt rather guilty and somewhat disappointed that i couldn't do all the things i used to when i had more time on my hands. i felt upset that i couldn't go run regularly, plan my meals, take the time to prepare my meals in advance for the day.

but such is life. you have to accept that there will be lulls and rushes, ups and downs, highs and lows. you can't expect each day to be perfect, neither can you predict what will happen. you may plan to exercise for an hour every single day, but that may be unrealistic when there are sometimes other things which that you need to take care of.

    "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

what matters is you take life as it comes, and do the best with what you've been dealt. so you may not have as much time to fit in all your workouts that week. that's ok, but it's no reason to beat yourself up and get frustrated to the point where you throw in the towel and say "forget it, this week i'm just not going to bother." remember that it's ok to slow down, as long as you do not stop.  

keep calm, and do what you can. can't work out 2hours a day? no problem, just make it 30minutes. can't take a few hours in the kitchen preparing your meals for that day? relax, and get something healthy to eat on the way to college or work.there will always be SOMETHING that you can do, no matter how small. or even if you DID have an absolutely crappy day and were feeling so extremely worn out that you let that day go to the dogs, 

one bad decision does not undo all the hard
work you’ve put in, so stop beating yourself up and just get your ass back on

if you've been regularly eating healthily, you won't get fat over just a few days of less-than-perfect eating. if you've been exercising constantly, taking things easier for a few days doesn't mean that you immediately have become unfit and lazy. don't lose sleep over one bad day, don't get disheartened and inwardly scold yourself for not being perfect. it has already happened, and remaining negative about it is not going to help. moreover, it could lead to a downward spiral of of demotivation, gloom, and discontent. you still have so much time in front of you, so just make sure to make amends at a more palatable moment.

a healthy life is not made up of one huge act, it comprises lots of little deeds - waking up half an hour early to eat breakfast, drinking lots of water, eating more fruits and veggies, cutting down on soft drinks, and the list goes on. 

i used to take time to fix my meals, plan out my day, and fit in all my workouts. i've not been so meticulous lately, but i still do what i can - buying packed food to save time and effort, downing more water, running shorter distances in lesser periods of time, eating more fruits or other healthy snacks instead of full proper meals, etc. these things don't require a ton of hard work, while at the same time still help me to keep hold of a balance between tests / assignments and fitness / health.

therefore, think of this ; what little steps can you take, even during this insanely busy time, which would contribute towards a healthier lifestyle?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Wednesday, 18th April 2012


meal 1, 0700hrs
- rolled oats
- one red apple
- coffee

meal 2, 1500hrs
- tofu
- clear soup with mushrooms + chinese cabbage
- one slice of wholemeal bread

meal 3, 2130hrs
- chinese cabbage
- tuna + egg whites + diced tomato + yoghurt as dressing

meal 4, 2300hrs
- rolled oats
- apple
- coffee

snack, 2345hrs
- two small pieces of chiffon cheesecake
- papaya


  • handed in an assignment for creative communication. ughh, of all the subjects and semesters i've been through in mass communication, design is so NOT my thing. my 'thing' is more of writing and speaking.
  • night run, 7.7km
  • studying for tomorrow's psychology test. it's on the chapters of interpersonal attraction (or in other words, love) aggression, groups, and prejudice.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


remember when i told you guys i was going for an internship interview, i mentioned that it would be something related to writing and health / fitness? and also, remember that i said i would let you know if i had been successful?

so say hello to the newest member of SHAPE magazine malaysia!

i got the notice a few days ago but wanted to wait til i received the official acceptance letter before running off and spreading the news to the whole world. y'know, in case they actually made a mistake and didn't want me after all. and that, would have been totally embarrassing after having told everyone about it.

but no worries, i got in! :)


alright, that's enough celebrating. now it's back to assignments. this coming week will be the final week of classes before study break and subsequently, my finals.

between now and tuesday, i have to 
   - edit a video for my very much detested adobe director assignment. Adobe Director, Y U BE SO DIFFICULT? D:
   - design an ad for a travel agency
   - come up with an informational copy for the travel agency brochure
   - finish a social psychology composition of the topic 'Social Networks and Their Effect on Romantic Relationships'
   - study for an advertising copywriting test.

the only people who don't break a sweat over college, must be people like him.

well, gotta bounce!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


in pursuit of fitness and health, i've been doing my best to always eat healthily, sleep well, and train as hard as i can. however, it may be hard for one to keep track and see significant results of any efforts, unless they make solid goals, and fulfill those commitments as best as they can.

last year, i had already been determined to join Penang Bridge International Marathon, 21km. sadly, being an amateur without an accurate idea of how one should prepare, i just threw myself right into the deep end, bit off more than i could chew and came out limping with runner's knee.

i still wanted to join PBIM 2011, and hoped against hope that i would recover in time. as the date of the race neared and no signs of my injury abating, i made my decision. though perseverance is good, there are times when one has to know the difference between foolishness and the former. therefore, with head over heart, i opted out.

nevertheless, i never stopped believing that i would make a full recovery, and one day be able to complete a half marathon. even though i was injured, i was still able to walk, and i did just that - i walked all through out my injury, because it was not about conquering a half marathon, it was more than that. it was about conquering the person i had once been, the former me who would not have been able to do it and replacing her with a brand new, stronger, more confident, girl. someone with and an ironclad desire to grit her teeth through pain and still fight for what she wanted.

PBIM came and went, and although i did not compete, i learned invaluable lessons. i learnt how to appreciate what i had - the fact that i had a capable body, i learnt patience, tolerance, and perseverance. i have now healed, and although my injury was an inconvenience, i am grateful for it. for how else would we get stronger if not by overcoming challenges in our path? how else would we better ourselves if we do not face hardships and difficulties and learn how to rise above them?


people say good things come to those who wait, but i beg to differ ; that is not how it always is. 

i think that more often, good things come to those who GET UP and WORK THEIR ASS OFF to earn it. i did not sit around just hoping and wishing that i were fitter, slimmer, or faster. i put my sweat and soul to earn what i have now. you call me conceited, arrogant, whatever suits your fancy. but honestly, it won't bother me in the least.

  - from my highest weight i have lost approximately 12kgs, i now weigh about 49kgs.
  - although i have decreased in weight i have packed on lean muscle, my current muscle mass stands at 30% of my whole person.
  - i have whittled down my body fat to less than 20% and still am on my way down, i plan on getting to 15% and staying there.
  - i can run more than 22km in a day, and still plan on doing more than that.

call me boastful? i see nothing wrong with being aware of what i have achieved. nevertheless, although i do feel that what i have achieved is significant in measure, there is still more, so much more that i can do. this is not a quest in vanity to be skinny or attractive. it may have certainly started out that way, when i was unhappy and uncomfortable with my appearance at a time. but it is not that way any longer - this is a lifelong journey for a healthy body, mind and soul.

on the 24th of june, i will be running 21km in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. i hope to achieve at least a target of 2:30hrs. i will be simply elated if i manage to do that! however, should i not make the stipulated time, the main thing is that i do my best, and finish the race.

if you are interested in joining as well, all you have to do is go to the KL Marathon website and sign up! registration closes at the end of may, but you should sign up now while there is still ample time. 


what are you waiting for?
click and sign up!