Friday, March 30, 2012


definition of ironic - sitting on my ass wasting away a perfectly good evening for a run, watching nike running commercials instead of getting out there myself.

running wise, this has been a not-so-good week. on average, i do 40km a week. however, it's already friday and i'm only 17km down, not even halfway through.

monday - 7km.
tuesday - 10km in the rain.
wednesday - nope.
thursday - was supposed to go in the evening, but was so tired when i got home from coll, that i slept til 9pm.
friday - although i have classes from 9-5pm, i still thought of getting up early and going, but it was raining hard in the morning. 

was feeling slightly guilty about taking three days off in a row. however, i realized that it doesn't matter if i take a day off (or two or three) once in a while, because no matter what, i know that i will still have it in me to get up and go.

15km tomorrow morning. rain or shine. no excuses, it WILL happen.



meal 1, 0800hrs
- two apples, one medium and one small
- coffee
- oats

meal 2, 1300hrs
- two pieces of tofu
- spinach
- turnip

meal 3, 1830hrs
- spinach
- cabbage
- one piece of tofu

snack, 2000hrs
- coffee
- one slice wholegrain bread.

i need to get more carbs in my diet.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


this is anne frank. 
she is (was?) a jew.

in the photograph above, she was probably about 13 years old. 

on wednesday, 5th of january 1944, this is what she wrote in her diary - 

"sometimes i grab my boobs. 
because, well, i can."

hah! well so she didn't exactly say it in that manner. rather, what she wrote was this 

"sometimes, when i lie in bed at night, i have a terrible desire to feel my breasts and to listen to the quiet rhythmic beat of my heart."

i've recently read the book "Anne Frank : The Diary Of A Young Girl.' it is her actual diary during the time of WW2, when germans was trying to exterminate as many jews as they could. their ordeal begins when her older sister, margot, is summoned to report for deportation to one of the many jewish concentration camps (which ultimately, would mean death.)

however, her father had long been prepared for the day when their family would have to go into hiding, and so they vanished from society to a quietly prepared location that had already been planned in advance for their coming. behind a secret bookshelf, a flight of stairs led to the few rooms that would become their residence for the next three years.

they shared their hideout with another family, bringing the number of people staying in that confined area to eight in all. their quarters were part of a shophouse, where a business run by dutch owners was conducted. during the day, they would stay as quiet as mice lest they got caught. 

although outwardly she was spunky, rebellious, and bright, what i found special about anne was the way she could contemplate life and observe herself, especially for a girl who was only 14. at that time, they were going through a period of much hardship and persecution - imagine being cooped up to the boundaries of four walls for three whole years! personally, that enough would be enough to drive me insane. 

all around them, new stories abounded of how another batch of jews had been rounded up for deportation, they would hear tales of how new battles had broken out somewhere or other, how others who were in hiding had been ratted out and caught. they endured a grim reality and constantly lived in fear of being found. but amidst all that, she still was able to stay strong and brave, still revel in the beauty of life and be thankful for how much she had.


extracts from her diary ; 

tuesday, 7th march 1944 
think of all the beauty that's still left in and around you and be happy! 
... and whoever is happy will make others happy too. he who has courage and faith will never perish in misery!

sunday, 19th march 1944
"you do always help me," he said. "how?" i asked, very surprised. "by your cheerfulness."

sunday, 12th march 1944
when shall i finally untangle my thoughts, when shall i find peace and rest within myself again?

friday, 31st march 1944
God has not left me alone and will not leave me alone.

saturday, 15th january 1944
if i stay here for very long i shall grow into a dried up old beanstalk. and i did so want to grow into a real young woman!


sadly, anne never did get her wish of reaching womanhood. her family was exposed by a dutch informer, their lives sold for for the mere sum of 5 gulden, about 1.40 USD in today's currency. 

they were arrested by the germans and taken to auschwitz. according to the book, auschwitz was described as 

"a fantastically well-organized, spick-and-span hell. the food was bad, but it was distributed regularly. barracks were kept so clean that you could have eaten off the floor. anyone who died in the barracks was taken away first thing in the morning. anyone who fell ill disappeared also. those who were gassed did not scream, they just were no longer there. 

the crematories smoked, but we received our rations and had roll call. there were guards with machine guns from the watchtowers, and the fences were charged with high tension electricity, but we could wash every day and sometimes even take showers. if you could forget the gas chambers, you could manage to live."

Anne Frank : The Diary Of a Young Girl, is a definite must-read for anyone else who struggles with the ups and downs of life as it is sure to be fantastic a source of much motivation and inspiration. 

if she, could manage to put on a smile even when surrounded by tales of death and misery, if she could still be cheerful and optimistic and strong as the war took its toll on her race and squashed out their existence like bugs, if she who had nothing to eat but rotten spinach, moldy potatoes, and dried beans could still appreciate having food to eat, if she could keep her wits about her as the war raged on around them, how much more should we be grateful for what we have and the lives we live today!

Monday, March 26, 2012


#1 i've been wanting to get a delicate gold chain for some time now, and just the other day i did so. picked a rocking horse charm to go with it. 

my hair used to be way-past-boobs-length, but that was before my tresses were unconsentingly chopped off by a sneaky stylist. hmph, i'm not gonna go near a salon for a long time more, not til my hair has grown til at least waist length!

#2 my favourite trusty sunnies and a list of grocery staples which include toilet paper.

#3 used up my remaining book vouchers for the three (there is another book wrapped together underneath the bottom right one) books on the right which are :
      a) chicken soup for the runner's soul
      b) men are from mars, women are from venus
      c) mars and venus on a date

picked a highlighter and pen only to use up the last few ringgit in the balance. it escapes my comprehension how people can spend their rm200 book vouchers purely on stationery - funky clips, sparkly notebooks, glitter pens, cutesy erasers in the shape of bunnies / teddy bears, etc. 

#4 saw this at tesco some time ago, ha.

#5 spinach, cabbage, tofu. some (actually, most) people don't understand how i can eat like this and like it, but i do too, so shut up you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

DAY IN THE LIFE #5 : SATURDAY, 24/03/2012

feeling substantially better compared to a few days ago, thank you everyone for all your kind concern, the phone calls, the texts, fb messages! 

*blows kisses*


i had a great day today! 


meal 1, 1000hrs
- rolled oats
- one fuji apple
- coffee
- boiled chicken breast

meal 2, 1400hrs
- two pieces of tofu
- lettuce
- beansprouts

snack, 1700hrs
- two slices of papaya
- one slice of rock melon

meal 3, 2100hrs
- 4 egg whites + tuna + tomato
- coffee
- watermelon


  • got more than 12hours of sleep last night, which was a huge relief after getting by on roughly 4hours each day for the past week!

  • went to subang parade, and got a couple of things - two books and a bottle of nail polish.

me likey how the nutritional book i got states loudly that "THIS IS NOT A DIET BOOK." who likes dieting anyway? not me! a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and smart choices of food is much better, donchathink? 

  • MPSJ in the evening, 11.5km.

  • came home and ate my yummy protein-packed dinner! made this with plain yogurt as a dressing, so much healthier than mayonnaise and just as deliciously creamy!

Friday, March 23, 2012


you just finished doing several laps around the track. you're hot, sweaty, tired, craving for something cool and refreshing. you jog over to the drinks stand, speak a few words to the pleasant lady behind the counter.

you watch as she opens the glass door, releasing wafts of cool mist. she reaches for your purchase, and you eagerly accept it with words of thanks. you pull the tab , it comes off easily with a 'pop' and you feel the bubbly, icy cold, contents slide down your dry, parched throat. 

what sweet bliss! 


if you can relate to that situation, then i have some news for you. many people chug down isotonic drinks after a round of sports. some people even drink it on a regular basis, thinking that they're doing their body a favour (oh, the irony!) after all, these drinks proclaim themselves to be 'performance enhancing', 'vitamin enriched', 'energy boosting', etc, so the more you comsume, the better, right?


most drinks are little more than flavoured water with a few vitamins added in, plus some sugar and colouring thrown into the bargain. let's have a look. 

ingredients : 

  • carbonated water - basically, this is just regular ol' water with some gas bubbled through it for that fizziness.
  • sucrose - to quote romeo and juliet "a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet", sucrose is actually the scientific name for plain sugar.
  • glucose - a simple sugar, an energy source, a component found in most carbohydrates.
  • citric acid - a weak organic acid, used as a preservative and also to add a tart flavour to foods and soft drinks.
  • sodium citrate - the salt component of citric acid
  • sodium chloride - another fancy name for normal table salt
  • potassium phosphate - an electricity conducting electrolyte, required by every cell in your body to function properly.
  • natural and permitted flavourings - need i say more? flavourings are rarely good for you, what more when they come under such vague names.
  • permitted food preservative (sodium benzoate) - a type of salt used as a preservative.
  • calcium phosphatea family of ions that contain not only calcium ions, but also orthophosphates, hydrogen or hydroxide, and pyrophosphates. Your body requires calcium phosphate for the formation of your bones and tooth enamel.

before we begin, the general rule in the food industry is that the higher the listing of a certain ingredient, the more the amount of that ingredient in the substance. by listing down the ingredients, certain things were able to be observed. firstly, the most dominant ingredient in this list is water. also, notice that the second and third most dominant ingredients are sugar? well you don't need me to tell you that sugar (apart from naturally occurring sugars found in fruits / certain vegies) are not good for you, and you'll be drinking additional calories!

so, water is the most dominant ingredient, followed by sugars. next comes citric acid, which is a natural acid found in citrus fruits like oranges / grapefruits. citric acid is not bad for you, but is not really something that would make you stronger or more energized after drinking it. what followed after, were the salts - sodium citrate and sodium chloride, then flavourings, another salt, and finally calcium phosphate. 

in all, lets put down the ingredients again, this time in simple terms.
  1. water
  2. sugar
  3. sugar
  4. flavouring / preservative.
  5. salt
  6. salt
  7. electrolyte
  8. flavouring / salt
  9. salt / preservative
  10. calcium

sports drinks usually claim themselves to be a source of electrolytes, which as you can see is also on the list, but being so far down, it is doubtful that it would be any significant amount. there is also calcium phosphate, an essential for human beings, however note that it is right down at the bottom of the list.

you might say "well at least i'm still getting those electrolytes / calcium!" but don't forget that there is also the much larger amounts of additional sugar (empty calories) and salt that you're consuming.

in addition, here is some information on other drinks which people think is 'good' to consume.


in all, it is not so horribly wrong to have a can once in a while - certainly there could be many other choices that are far worse (e.g. coke or a creamy milkshake) but keep in mind that these drinks are not as hyped up or good for you as they claim themselves to be.

personally, i don't drink energy drinks. my advice would be to have a cool tumbler of water if you're thirsty, and go eat a proper balanced meal to replenish your sustenance. you'll be getting far more ; carbohydrates, protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, etc, and will be much more satisfied than if you had just consumed a liter of liquid!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


here is a bunny with a pancake on its head in an attempt to lighten things up before the gloom of this post ensues.



writing has always been greatly therapeutic to me ; my castle of solace in times of distress, and this time is no exception.


i wrote out a long LONG post on what happened today. however it turned out way too personal, too inappropriate to share and i ended up deleting whole chunks of text except for the sparse lines below. foggiest description ever, because consequences would be disastrous if i disclosed specific details.


today, i cried. and for more than a few hours at that. the only reason i got my act together for a while was the presence of others. so yeah, i had to put some 'fake up' on - a pleasant expression, a smile, throw in a couple jokes and laughs, some light cheery conversation.

if only they could have seen, the tumultuous grief that was gnawing at my soul, how unhappy i was. all i wanted was to get away, curl up into a ball, and bawl my eyes out with my head between my knees. my emotions were as fragile as eggshells, stretched so thin that it would have taken only the teeniest nudge to push me over.

i thought i would get away with my act, and i nearly did too! it was almost time to leave, when a slight change of plans happened. and that was it - i snapped and all of a sudden found my cheeks stained with tears. drat, i thought that i had more control over my composure than that. while all the kindness shown to me was greatly humbling, how embarrassing it was to be fussed over, with everyone giving me reassuring looks and comforting pats on the back.

but i learnt my lesson. no.1, to never take words as they are. talk is cheap, where are your actions? from you, and you? and no. 2 (which is partly in reference to number one), never to trust anyone so easily again. it is sheer folly to depend on others in important matters, or to count on them to follow up on promises they have made. 

how foolish i have been!

and the greatest jest of all in this whole ludicrous pantomime is none other but myself. i was such a fool, the biggest mistake of all. i got myself into this situation, and while they certainly did nothing to help, no one pushed me into this. i should have been better prepared, i should have seen this coming and taken it on myself to shoulder the burden, i should not have hoped for chances or been so easily convinced.

it was a harsh lesson, but one well learnt, that i will not forget easily.


paper is patient, know what else is even more so?
my running shoes.

it is time to run.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


18th may 2007, i was in my first (and only) relationship. it lasted just three months.

fast forward five years, and i haven't been with anyone since that relationship soured. i'm not whining about being single ; i know God has plans for each one of us, and it is not yet His time.

the thing i fail to comprehend, however, is this - i can accept the status (or nonexistence) of my love life, so how come other people can't? after all, it's not like whether i'm attached or not would affect them in any significant manner? why must they question so much and be so annoyingly anxious to know the details of every guy i hang out with? is it so darned important, so urgent for you to have to know how i'm doing in the field?


one scenario that would be an example would be :

i'm out with a regular friend, who just so happens to be a guy. it's just the two of us, and we're probably just hanging and talking about regular stuff. people see me, a single girl, out alone with this boy. AND THEN it starts. tongues start wagging, people start gossiping, saying things like 
"eh that one your boyfriend ah?" 
"wah got new boyfriend already hor!!"

oh you guys are hanging so far out with curiosity, how it amuses me.

i wouldn't mind mild questions so much, things like "so are you going out with anyone?" "have you been interested in anyone lately?" it's just when people bug me, and ask me SO MUCH, that it start to get pissed off. i don't go around shouting out my friends details, and its really infuriating when people hurl blatant inquiries such as

 "so what does his father work as?"
 "is his family rich?"
 "how many siblings does he have?"
 "does he go to church?"
 "is his mum a housewife?"
 "what kind of house does he live in?"
 "where does he study?"
 "what course is he doing?"
 "what car does he drive?"

i mean, EXCUSE ME? do you even realize how bloody rude and insensitive you're being?

what, can't i just spend time with my guy friends without being interrogated about every single one of them? 

you know what, if you're really so eager for me to get attached, you should stop grilling me about all the guys you see me with, because that only irritates me to no end and makes me not want to get together with anyone at all, just to shut you up. if i'm not in a relationship and you're already talking up such a storm, i shudder to think about all the fodder you'd have for fresh gossip if i were to actually show any fathoms of interest in anyone at all.

it's not just me, i'm guessing all this also would cause all my guy friends to feel uncomfortable as they likely get the feeling that they're being scrutinized under a microscope for every single detail that would give an inkling to what they're like. as a result, they'd probably stop hanging out with me, thus decreasing my exposure to the opposite gender and weakening my chances of getting together with anyone anytime soon.

as fascinating as it may seem to you, i'd really appreciate you holding back your waves of inquisition.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Saturday, 17th March 2012 



meal 1, 0900hrs
- half a bowl of oats
- one fuji apple
- one cup coffee
- 4 eggwhites

meal 2, 1400hrs
- one mango
- 3 eggwhites
- two slices wholegrain bread

meal 3, 2030hrs
- half a bowl of oats
- 4 eggwhites + some button mushrooms + one slice of wholegrain bread
- one fuji apple
- one cup coffee

  • woke up late (7.30am, late by my definition) and went for a walk. i would have gone longer, but the sun came out, and i try to avoid being outdoors when its hot. well, at the very least, i got 3.2km done.
  • came home, bummed around, read some blogs and visited my usual health / fitness websites.
  • napped a couple hours.
  • walked to mpsj. this time round, in addition to my usual jog i felt like doing some new stuff, so i also ran stairs, and did interval sprints. 15.26km, done
  • total distance for today, 18.46km. 
  • came home, had a long slow bath, slathered myself with moisturizer and took my sweet time eating dinner in front of the lappy.

life is good. 

Friday, March 16, 2012


the graduation ceremony for Residential Bible School 2012 was last week, and i had the chance to attend, along with some of the others from the batch of RBS 2010. 

amazing, how two years can fly by just like that.

however, no matter how much time passes, i will remember my two months in RBS as one of the most special moments of my life - the chilly mist of the highlands, the tranquility and calm that we experienced away from the hectic pace of the city, the bonds we developed, and most importantly, the time we spent with God. 

it was an wonderful, profound time that still resounds within the depths of my soul, which i will forever cherish.

myself two years ago, @ RBS 2010.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


today has been amazing! ate wonderfully well, worked out the most i've ever done in one day, and slept sufficiently. 



meal 1, 1000hrs
- 4 egg whites
- 1 fuji apple
- coffee
- half a bowl of rolled oats with a little honey and raisins.

meal 2, 1400hrs
- cabbage, spinach, 2 blocks of tofu.

meal 3, 1700hrs
- one mango
- one slice of wholegrain bread
- a few peanuts

meal 4, 2200hrs
- soup with loads of ikan bilis and a few veggie balls
- 2 egg whites
- one slice of wholegrain bread
- one fuji apple
- one cup of coffee


7am, it was numbingly cold and it would have been inviting to stay in my warm bed. but i made myself get up anyway, and i'm proud! 10km run, DONE.

finally, FINALLY my interactive multimedia animated video has been completed!

as some of you know, i will be undergoing my internship next semester. sent off my email request for internship this morning, and almost immediately received a response! nothing definite yet, however (according to my interpretation) the response was pretty encouraging. still have to get the letter of approval from college and fill out some forms before proceeding further.

college, got back our results for a test last week. i got the highest in class, 84%. not as good as it could have been, but i'll make sure i get there on the next test!

came home, was out the door again at 6pm heading to the mpsj track. 12.64km, DONE. 
so in total, i ran 22.64KM today. *beams*


ending with this image which really hits home


"train like an athlete, 
eat like a nutritionist,
sleep like a baby,

and that's what i want.

Monday, March 12, 2012


as i mentioned in my previous post, i was in ipoh during the weekend. we didn't stroll around leisurely doing sightseeing / touristy stuff like that though, the youth at Elim Gospel Hall had already planned activities for us.

  • reached ipoh
  • lunch
  • laser tag
  • captainball
  • dinner
  • fellowship + worship + sharing session
  • supper

  • church
  • breakfast
  • youth session
  • lunch
  • depart back to kl


not many pictures, but here's the measly few that i do have.

at least i got ONE touristy picture! :)

us, after we got off the train.

ipoh popiah. 

right before departure.

the train station was actually busy and bustling, its a wonder how i managed to get this shot that looks so deceivingly silent and still.

Friday, March 9, 2012


leaving to ipoh in a couple hours, and i know i haven't blogged much this week. therefore i felt obligated to make one post to leave with you in my absence.

just random allsorts thrown together since i don't have much time right now. pics from my phone, taken here and there.


running @ mpsj a few days ago. 
i normally just go to the park in my housing area. however i felt like doing something different, and decided to walk to mpsj to run. 

it was a nice change in surrounding and atmosphere. in fact, i think i'll probably try to go there once or twice every week from now on.

after i was done.
which reminds of this image i found.

it speaks the truth!

running essentials ; changed into comfy flipflops after i was done eating up the track.

remember when i said i thought weight training would be interesting?

nah, just kidding. i don't weight train, only eat clean and run frequently.

with that, my job here is done and i'm off to ipoh!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


opened my fb messages some days ago, saw this message from some guy i don't know.

dude, whoever you are - really?

what an ass. 
how bout you take your $1.5k, roll it into tubes and shove it up your nostrils?

cos here's my answer,

Monday, March 5, 2012


as if we don't already have a hard time keeping our nutrition intake in check, the infamous McD's doubles promotion has once again come upon us.

double the taste, double the enjoyment?

they forgot to mention a few other teensy little things :

double the fat!

double the calories!
double the oil!
double the sugar!
double the chemicals!

double the sodium, flavourings, additives, preservatives and goodnessknowswhatotherrubbish!

as they increase the number of patties, so shall the rolls of flab around your midsection multiply!

i realized that i tend to talk a lot about abnormal chemicals and compounds in our food, without really explaining. so i dug around a bit, and here's what i discovered.

chemicals found in McD's products include : 
  • Propylene glycol - This chemical has similar properties to ethylene glycol, a dangerous anti-freeze. It  prevents products from becoming too solid. Some ice creams have this  ingredient; otherwise you'd be eating ice.
  • Shellac - This chemical used to finish wood products also gives some candies their sheen. It comes from the female Lac beetle.
  • L-cycsteine - A common dough enhancer, comes from hair, feathers, hooves and bristles.
  • Ammonium SulfateCommon uses for this chemical include - as an agricultural fertilizer, fire extinguisher, soaping agent. Oh and guess what, it is also used in commercial bread as a dough enhancer, aiding the rise of yeast.
  • Silicon dioxide - Nothing weird about eating sand, right? This anti-caking agent is found in many foods including shredded cheese and fast food chili.
  • Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate - Used in the treatment of leather and a dispersant in petroleum production, this chemical is found in hash browns to keep the colour from fading.
  • Dimethylpolysiloxane - Sounds like a cool tongue twister, doesn't it? This is found in the list of ingredients for Mcnuggets. it is also employed as an anti-foaming agent and is one of the components of plasticine.

Interesting reads :


I'm Lovin It, NOT.

Friday, March 2, 2012


a month ago, wongfu productions came to malaysia's humble shores.

guess what?
i was there. 


it was by utter serendipity, as i'd never actually planned to attend.

friends from penang, natalie and niwen, had bought tickets for WFP much earlier. they'd also bought bus tickets, everything was set, but the only thing they needed was a place to stay. i told my mum, and she agreed to let them come over.

when they arrived, they told my mum that they were going for WFP, and she asked me if i was going. i told her no, and she said 

"you should, since your friends are going."
"but we have to PAY to go. and it's not cheap, either."
"it's ok, just go and join them! daddy and i will give you the money."

and that was how i ended up going as well.

at pyramid before WFP.

niwen, me, natalie.

silly pose. :)

after some shopping, we headed over to lakeside for the event.

the crowd, more than 1,500 people strong.

ok the following 3 images are from my own camera, and i'm pretty proud of myself for getting such good shots!

phil says hi!

wes with his hipster glasses.

wes & phil, but no ted. 

apparently he couldn't make it due to personal issues.

during the meet & greet.
it was so humid that day, all of us were so hot and sticky!

after the meet & greet, was the actual session with WFP.

cameras flashing.

although ted couldn't be there in person, he made this humorous video for us apologizing for his absence. 

wes & phil.

they basically just shared the story of how they got started, told us about ongoing productions and developments, and we watched some videos together.

sorta like a really chill hangout session.

after the event ended, we walked around the campus a bit.

girls - snapping gratifying pictures of our reflections in a vending machine.