Wednesday, February 29, 2012


some time ago, i went to this event. most of the people who were going to be there were people i hadn't seen in a long while. when i walked in, gasps and excited squeals abounded.
"woah, you've lost so much weight! how did you do it?"

and people gathered around to listen to what i had to say. as to everyone who asks me, i told them what i had done - eat healthy, exercise, and sleep. they nodded animatedly, hungrily taking in what i was saying. a good half hour later, i was still talking to them, fielding questions and telling them things.

after that,"well it's been nice talking to you people, but i'm gonna hit the buffet now." i loaded up my plate - with greens, lean protein, and complex carbs. i came back, and saw people eyeing my plate, scrutinizing what i was eating. well whatevs, i get that a lot nowadays, and i try to just close my eye to it. after i'd finished my food, i went back to the buffet selection for a second round.

i returned to the table, and again, the audience observed my plate. it's a little unsettling and makes me feel rather uncomfortable, but like i said, that's what happens - people want to know what i eat. however, a girl seated a few places away from me (who ironically, had been one of the people appealing to me the loudest for details on how i shed the pounds) looked at me with critical scrutiny, and commented in a judgemental tone 

"eeyer.. why you eat so much one orrhh.." 

i just shrugged, gave her a smile, and waved it off over light banter. when i was done with my second plate, i went back a third time for fruits and some light desserts. i came back, and this time, people didn't even BOTHER to be subtle.

them :

"walao, third round ah?"
"crazy ah you eat so much?"
"fuiyo, still eating?"

me :

excuse me, WHO exactly is the one who dropped the pounds, WHO is the one here who is emphasizing and trying her best to live healthy?

if i recall correctly, just moments ago YOU were the ones who were begging me to share how I got in shape, and now you're throwing snarky looks at my plate and telling me that i 'eat too much'?

i don't say anything when you slurp down rich strands of cheesy pasta!
i don't yell at you for eating deep fried tempura!
i don't bitchily chastise you for eating sickly sweet macarons!
i don't get outraged that you're gorging yourselves on decadent, creamy eclairs!

but hey you know what? since you think you know so much, since you apparently have all the knowledge in the world and are the best judge on how much and what to eat, fine then. i'm glad you're such experts, and i'll just happily keep my advice to myself, then we'll BOTH be happy.

you want to believe that you can only lose weight on strict diets where you consume nothing but carrot sticks and water?
you want to adhere to thinking that you have to eat eenie-minnie-tiny meals and be hungry all the time to get in shape?

good for you then, suit yourself. now excuse me while i go stuff my face.

Monday, February 27, 2012



goodness this is hilarious haha. 
the only thing lacking is an appropriate internet meme to go with it.

you know you're a 9gagger when you start thinking of memes to go with everything.


when the owl fad exploded some one year ago, i refused to jump on the bandwagon. every other person was sporting them, and i'd count how many owls were being displayed on rings, necklaces, earrings, and tees around me.

however, in a dreary little shop along one of the rest stops of the north-south highway, i found one which seemed rather interesting. that, and the ridiculously low price tagged to it, led to the purchase of my first owl necklace.

how d'ya like it?

Friday, February 24, 2012


told you guys i was gonna make a proper post about what a random day in the life is like for me, and i have! 
(you can read my first attempt here)



sorry for the bad quality picture.
it was still dark, and i had just woken up from sleep.

10k run + stretching. 
came home and iced my knees after that.

ice therapy after longer runs is a must for me. the night before my run, i fill plastic bags with water and dump them in the freezer. post-run the next day, i take the bags out and run water over them to melt the ice a little so that it conforms to the shape of my legs.

why the need for ice therapy?

during intense workouts, your heart quickly pumps more blood to your legs to supply the muscles with oxygen and nutrients. but post-run, your heartbeat decreases, and the blood which has been drained of its energy remains in your legs. this leads to a buildup of lactic acid, a substance that will eat away at your muscles if not flushed out. the solution is ice therapy.

ice therapy causes the blood vessels to contract and forces the blood out. after you are done icing, your legs will have been drained of the 'old' blood. as body temperature returns to normal, new blood rushes to fill your legs, rejuvenating your muscles and helping your cells to function.

more information about ice therapy can be found here.


coffee, one granny smith apple, and rolled oats.
yes, i eat the same breakfast almost every day.

that box was from Nike Run KL and i use it to keep my earphones.


cabbage and three eggs.

ate lunch while working on my speech for presentation skills. the topic i chose? healthy living. :)


ate two slices of papaya while 9gagging in the lab and waiting for class to begin.


one packet of watermelon.
class ended at 6, so i had something to eat while waiting for my mum.


pieces of yong taufu with a plate lettuce.
had dinner with my mum, we shared the food in the picture above. 

i took three pieces of tofu and lots of cabbage.


rolled oats and coffee over newspaper comics and Man vs. Food.

in case you don't know what MvF is about, it's a show encompassing american food and sees the host, Adam Richman partaking in some sort of 'challenge' where he is required to eat a mountain of food in a certain period of time.

when i watch MvF, i feel a morbid combination of fascination and disgust. fascinated, yet disgusted at the wanton gluttony and mindless indulgence of some people. how can anyone force down so much fat, sugar, oil, refined flour, and more garbage into their bodies? how is anyone able to gorge themselves until they are stuffed, their bellies pushed to the limit, until they make a fool out of themselves by throwing up? and even if he completes the challenge, so what? you're still a loser, just one that has consumed a gazillion million calories.

it just makes no sense at all to me, and juxtaposes so fiercely with the vast numbers of people out there who are starving, their stomachs growling in desperate hunger. there are people who are dying of malnutrition, who have not had a meal in days, yet some still indulge themselves in mindless acts of greed and perceived bravado by chowing down on burgers the size of truck tyres.


read the bible for a while before hitting the sack. i don't read it often enough though. i really should. 

i always try to sleep before 12, as sleep is important for your health. however since classes resumed, due to the commitments of college, i've been getting not nearly as much hours of zzz's as i should.


as you can see, i'm no small eater. i do eat quite a lot! however i make sure to eat healthy, and keep my portions in check. exercise, good nutrition, and adequate sleep are key in a healthy lifestyle. 

about to go for a run soon, but the sky looks like it's gonna pour! must be due to my neighbour's adolescent son passionately singing christina perri's 'thousand years' at the top of his lungs in nasally prepubescent tones, heh. i hope he stops singing, and that the sky will clear up. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Monday, February 20, 2012


ever since i entered secondary school til the day i graduated, i'd kept my hair short. upon graduation, i decided that from then on, i was going to grow my hair as long as possible.

it took me about 2years to grow my hair as it is in the picture below.

a couple of weeks ago, i went to the salon and told the stylist that i wanted "only a trim."

she said that she'd have to cut off "slightly more" as i hadn't trimmed my tresses for quite some time and there were more than a few split ends.

"slightly more", indeed.

speaking of which,

at the time of my visit to the salon which was merely about month ago, the stylist had said she was going to have to cut off more of my hair in order to get rid of the split ends i'd accumulated over more than half a year.

however, it was completely pointless of her to do so as just last week, i found more split ends.

*le me sitting in church bored, starts to fidget around, check my nails and hair. discovery of a split end is made.*

me : hey do you know what a split end is?
ivan : what's that?
me : it's when your hair's ends are stressed, and they well you know, split. *shows him the aforementioned split end.*
ivan : oh gosh, let me see let me see! *holds it close and inspects it curiously* 
wow this is really cool, i've never seen anything like it before!

oh well, screw split ends! who cares if i have them, no one even notices their presence anyway.

p.s. the fact that guys seem to think they're 'cool' is just another reason for me not to care, heh.

Friday, February 17, 2012


some of the health & fitness websites i frequent have user-generated content. that means, readers are encouraged to send articles, comments, pictures, and so on. in one of those websites, there's a column for readers to share what they ate, complete with pictures and descriptions.

so for some time now, i've been wanting to make a post about what a usual day is like for me, primarily focusing on exercise and food.

attempted to chronicle my doings yesterday, but failed to complete it (you shall see why i say it was incomplete later in this post.)


FRIDAY, 17th Feb 2012


woke up to go running, did 6km. was contemplating if i could notch up another km , but decided that i had to go home and get ready for college.  

(if you're wondering what that orange thingy attached to my shoe is, it's the tracer for last year's Nike Run KL to track my distance and timing.) 


 one granny smith apple, half a cup of rolled oats made with lowfat milk + some raisins, iced coffee.

breakfast is very important to me. every day i allocate a time of one hour and a half hour before going to college to prepare and eat it. it's also one of my favourite meals, and i enjoy taking my time to consume it slowly before starting my day.

coffee and i, we have a very special relationship. try taking my coffee away from me, i will hunt you down, i will make you suffer, and i shall eliminate you. nothing shall ever come between coffee and i, ever.

a lot of people think coffee is bad for you due to the amount of milk, sugar, and creamer in it. yes, coffee isn't so good if you drink those 3-in-1 kinds, or grab a cup of starbucks / coffeebean / gloria jean's. (commercially prepared coffees are a disaster, do you know how much thick cream, heavy syrup, and fullcream, fullfat milk go into one of those trendy, frothy cappucinos that you so happily slurp down? just one order can have an equivalent of more than 500calories!)

however, only 3 things go into the coffee i make : one teaspoon of pure ground coffee powder, hot water, half a cup of lowfat milk, and half a teaspoon of brown sugar. ahh, my recipe for happiness.


on fridays, i have class from 9-5pm. so i reached college and headed to class, only to find no one there. after some calls, found out that the first class of the day had been cancelled.

i could have run longer and gone that extra km, arrgghh.


mixed rice for lunch!
broccoli and tofu, yummers. i LOVE broccoli (actually, i love about all green leafy veggies) and tofu.

sorry for the ugly picture, i'd actually forgotten that i was supposed to be taking pictures of my food for this post and had already eaten a quarter of my lunch before i realized.

i'm glad that there are lots of restaurants / stalls selling mixed rice near my college, because that means i get to choose which foods and how much of them i want.

maybe you've noticed there's no 'rice' in my lunch that i got from the mixed rice stall, that's cos i don't eat rice. white rice, that is. why so? because white rice has practically zero (or very little) nutrients apart from carbs.what's more, since white rice has been processed and refined, it's a high GI (glycaemic index) food, which means it quickly releases energy. hence, people who fill up on white rice probably end up feeling hungry again soon after meals.

if you have a lifestyle that has lots of physical activity (e.g. if you're a construction worker / lumberjack / competitive athlete) then yeah, white rice would be not-so-bad for you to consume since you'll require lots of energy to sustain that activity. but since most people lead sedentary lifestyles with moderate activity, you should probably be cautious about eating too much white rice.


came home from college, ate a granny smith apple and a slice of wholegrain bread before going to my room and taking a nap while waiting for dinner.

however, i snoozed on and one and missed out on dinner - i only woke up from sleep this morning at 5.30am. therefore, my reason for stating that this post was incomplete is because i didn't eat any dinner. i am strongly against skipping meals and always make sure to eat properly through out the day.

due to that, and also because making this post was a fun process, i shall be doing another post like this one again! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


would love to have a personal trainer kick my ass whenever i'm feeling lazy, heh. 


i love the outdoors, i love running and i run probably an average of 12hours a week (including time to warm up, stretch, cool down, ice, etc.)

also, unless a gym membership magically falls into my lap, i'm too skint to cough up for one myself.

i don't see myself ever giving up the hours that i put into running, but lately, i've noticed that weight training is featured in almost all the prohealth websites i frequent. i've been reading a few articles and poking around a bit, and if i could, i'd be more than happy to begin a weight training routine.

when i mention this to others, the majority of them gasp in shock, 

"good lord, a girl wanting to weight train? shock, horror, complete sacrilege!"

most of them probably equate weight training to looking like this

PEOPLE, calm your socks down.

those kind of results are insanely difficult to reach, and are almost impossible to reach unless you seriously have a ironclad diet plan and extremely strict, structured training routine. 

anyway, that's not what i'm aiming for.

when i say "i want to weight train", this is more of what i have in mind.
why do i want to weight train? here, have a look.

lean muscle.
sexy cuts in your back, thighs, shoulders.
defined abs.
a toned physique.
all those and more.

the person in the last picture is fay hokulani, one of my favourite female health bloggers who also consistently weight trains. 


so, anyone with a gym membership want a training buddy? :D

p.s. i'm serious.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


last week, i had to go out of college urgently to print something, but it was raining steadily. as i said, it was important, hence i sucked it up and ran out under the drops. saw a lone person walking along the road in the same direction as me. ran up beside him and went with a huge i-don't-know-you-but-i-really-have-to-get-out-of-this-rain grin and went "HEY LET'S SHARE UMBRELLA. :D"

i think he was rather surprised by my boldness, however he was a really nice person and agreed. he even made the effort to have light conversation, when most guys would probably have only plodded on silently. he also walked me to the print shop after that, when where he wanted to go was in another direction.

i know it was only a small thing. still,
umbrella guy, i doubt you'd ever see this, but thanks. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012


just posting up the remaining photos of my trip to penang last year. pics are from here, there, and about.

natalie and i at her house.
 love the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

at queensbay mall.
adrian (yeap), zac, sam.

adrian totally looks like he's got something up his sleeve in the above picture!

and another one of them.
i thought i looked X(
hence the ms paint job.


during my stay with nat, i'd wake her up in the mornings, and we'd head to the gym together. she said that i was a good way of keeping her disciplined. 

in nat's room, pre workout.

at the gym, post workout.

morning market at sg. ara

breakfast with nat, adrian (lim), cheeyang, zoe, and ailyn who was taking this picture.

with adrian and cheeyang.

they insisted that i smile with teeth showing.
and on an unrelated note, i think adrian looks like fido dido.

doesn't he?


at nat's house baking cookies.

while nat and zoe were the ones baking, ailyn and i just watched. 
too many cooks spoil the broth!

ailyn and i, reflected in a large pot.

awesomesauce sheperd's pie that nat's mum made. i usually don't like pie cos i find it so heavy and pasty, but the only pastry in this pie was the crust on top, while everything else was veggies. :D

cookie batter.

nat and zoe putting the cookies into molds.

looking mighty pleased with their handiwork.

the cookies.

us girls.
and again, they insisted that i smile with teeth showing.

and that's all the pictures that i have from my trip to penang, december 2011.

looking back through these photos really brought mixed feelings. 

on one hand, it made me smile to remember all the fun and laughter that i had with them while i was there.
on the other, it's sort of a killjoy to think that i'm so far away from them, what more zac who's in singapore and nat who'll be leaving to US in a couple more months.

oh well, i suppose i'll always have memories.