Saturday, December 1, 2012


not too long ago in november, Victoria's Secret held another of their much anticipated runway shows.

i admire their insanely toned and defined bodies and think that they are amazingly gorgeous. sure, they may be physically blessed to a certain extent, but the angels do have to put in a lot of their hard work and effort to get those results. 

what're they doing when they're not working the runway?

check them out - sweaty, dripping, flushed, and out of breath.

messy hair, bruised knuckles, and puffy faced.

candice swanpoel during an angels rooftop yoga session.

miranda kerr is too cute!

in the month leading up to the event, they also have to follow a specially designed diet revised by a panel of nutritionists, which consists of  fruits, shakes and juice made of alfalfa, spinach, egg whites, chia seeds, and oatmeal.

all that hard work, to look like this on the big day.

however i must say that gorgeous as they may look, working out for hours every single day and having to adhere to an extremely strict and rigid diet is ridiculously unrealistic for your average person. well, i guess having a career as a VS angel means that you have to put into it the same focus as you would with any other career, only in a different manner.

one of the angels, Doetzen Kroes explains “It’s my job. You can’t compare my life to somebody who goes to work every day ; I have to look this way.”

i wouldn't ever compare myself or wish to be like them. nevertheless, i still admire them for putting as much dedication and determination towards their profession as they do.


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