Saturday, December 29, 2012


the title of this post is self-explanatory.

last night, i was asleep in my room when i awoke to my siblings pulling on my arm.

me : huh.. what..
them : mum and pa brought a puppy home!
me : uhh.. okayy.. * rolls over and goes back to sleep*

the next morning, i came down and saw it. my parents had gone to visit a friend last night, and their bitch had given birth to a litter of puppies. with so many little dogs pandering for attention and care, they had been asking everywhere for people to take them in.

my reaction was - HOW ON EARTH DID THIS HAPPEN?! if i know one thing about my mum, it's that she's always been against having a dog. 

i myself was lost in comprehension. not to say i dislike animals, in fact i do like them a lot. however, animals (especially those such as dogs. fishes, not so much) come with huge amounts of responsibility. i mean, we'd need to clean up after it, take it for veterinarian appointments, provide it with food, take it for walks and spend time with it.

not to mention when we go away on holiday, who would look after it then? 

i spewed and sputtered all this to my mum as i was truly astonished that she had allowed herself to be persuaded by the friend to take the puppy back. yes, it was adorable, but i was also thinking about the puppy's interests. i knew for sure that we were incapable of being good masters to it, and that it probably wouldn't feel happy with us.

better to face up to reality and awkwardly explain to its owners now why it would be unsuitable for us to keep it, than to accept it only to end up with it being unhappy and us feeling guilty and regret letting ourselves be persuaded.

i insisted staunchly that we HAD to take it back. my mum, who at first had been wavering towards keeping it finally was convinced as well after hearing my tirade of rationality and logic. 

we loaded into the car - my mum, sister, myself oh and yes of course, the puppy as well. driving to the friend's house, we were all dithering and apprehensive about how to tell them that we were returning the animal after just one night. 

nevertheless, we ought not have worried. arriving at their front door, the maid greeted us and told us that no one was in. overjoyed that anxious explanations and drawn out excuses were not required, gaily we unloaded the puppy into her arms, jumped back into the car and drove home in relief.

you were cute. sorry you couldn't stay with us though.
i'm sure you'll find much better owners and be happy with them.


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