Sunday, December 9, 2012



oh, i know i haven't updated for quite a while now. reasons being :

- there are some technical issues with the computer in my house. hence, no internet connection at home. i'm typing this from the lab in college.

- also, it appears i've also reached the maximum limit for photos on blogger. my current fix to the problem is that i've created a dummy facebook account, posting up pictures there, then proceed to copy and paste them here. however since i love posting all my pictures in fullsize resolution, it will probably only be a temporary solution until i figure out how to deal with this tiresome issue.

- in addition, finals are also looming right in my face. i just dealt with a paper, but it was only moral.

the 'big' papers are only coming up next week. media planning, media issues, and scriptwriting. 

i just watched V for Vendetta as it's going to be one of the movies we'll have to analyze in the media issues paper. have you watched it? because if you haven't you totally should ; it's amazing. well it's a tad lengthy , dialog is extremely rich and varied, and there are a myriad of subplots. i had to watch it twice to understand it. nevertheless, i must conclude that it's an amazing movie and the script is simply ingenious. 

this is completely unrelated, but i'm going rock climbing in putrajaya tomorrow. 
rock climbing, woohoo! :D

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