Thursday, December 13, 2012


some time ago, jared asked me on an outing to go rock climbing which was organized a group of people he knew as acquaintances. i suspect it was because he didn't know most of the others and merely wanted a companion whom he knew would enjoy it too. a few days later, another friend of mine eugene asked me if i wanted in on a rock climbing trip over to taman cabaran putrajaya.

turns out that this outing was the same one jared asked me to and it was planned by daniel (eugene, dan, and i all went to the same high school) small world, eh? 

so on the fine day that was last saturday, a group of us headed over to the said location. eugene and i in one car, and the rest in another car.

taman cabaran covers a huge area and offers a skate park, bike trail, and climbing complex.

that's eugene at the entrance.

we reached ahead of the others and scouted around the place first. i'm really thankful i went with this group ; them all being enthusiastic climbers, already had their own gear which we shared among us. otherwise i would've had to pay a lot more in fees. entry charges (not including equipment such as harness, belay device, shoes, chalk, etc) are a mere RM3, which is mind-bogglingly cheap considering the extensive facilities that are available at the climbing complex.

on that same note, screw you Camp 5!

i was the only girl, hence the lack of pictures in this post. the downside about hanging out with guys is that they never want to take pictures. before we left, i wondered aloud if we should take a group picture, but they just looked at me blankly and i said mmph, forget it. :P

more pictures from the inside of the complex.

jared, the only other person i took a picture with that day.

stupid pimple between my eyes, yeesh. =.=


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