Tuesday, December 18, 2012


so after my finals ended last thursday, it was off to youth camp for me. i just got back yesterday and i'll be going off to penang (again) in another couple of days. which leads me to my next point.

i haven't worked out for more than a week now ; my last session was last tuesday. being inactive and not keeping up with exercise for so long has really put a damper on my spirit. to be honest, the frequency of my workouts decreased dramatically after PBIM as right after that, it was time to step it up academically with assignments, tests, and finals. 

not saying i've stopped completely, just that for the previous month i've only been working out 1-2 times a week as compared to 4-6 times as i usually do.

during training it may seem like a mean bitch, you may look like a total complete mess with sweat running down your red face and your breath coming out in gasps. but i'm always reminded of why i keep at it when i'm rewarded with energy, vibrance, and positive spirits after that.

the absence of exercise is seriously getting to me because not working out equals to lack of endorphins, lack of energy, and this lousy lull of lethargy and sluggishness. 

not that i've gained weight or anything, i still look the same. in fact, from the way my clothes fit me now i think i've even dropped a bit on my weight after camp. it's how i'm feeling on the inside that's really getting me down.

because being healthy and fit is way more than that. sure, it's nice to look good and have clear skin, a good physique, nice hair. but that inner glow and satisfaction, your emotional wellbeing and self esteem are also things that come in the same package. not working out for a week may not result in any significant weight gain or obvious changes on the surface, but boy, it still affects you just that you don't see it.


but it's not what you do once in a year that matters, it's what you do with the other days, all through out the year that counts.

personally, i think having a dedication to being fit is great. but there will always be lulls and rushes, ups and downs, highs and lows, pause and plays. and that is perfectly O-K.

i know, I KNOW that this is only a short term thing. i know without saying, that when all this excitement, festivities, and whatnot have died down, my usual routine and training will be resumed. hence i'm not beating myself up or feeling too guilty about it. after all, christmas and new years are once in a year.

another thing is that if i haven't been so consistent with exercising lately, i guess that might not entirely be a bad thing because it's made me realize how much i need it and how not getting it drags me down. it's not a bad thing to cut back, immerse in other activities and enjoy the other aspects of life (relationships, travel, food, etc) even bum around mindlessly for a while. i just have to bear in mind that  this is only temporary. when all this has died down in a week or so, my real life of consistent training will still be there awaiting me. 

and i shall gladly to return to it. 



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