Thursday, December 20, 2012


although i've been busy running around a lot lately and just returned home a couple days ago, i didn't feel like staying at home and bumming today and went window shopping with my sister. she didn't want to, but i whined and reminded her that if she didn't come with me now, there would be many more days to stay home doing nothing, and THEN she'd wish that she had something to occupy her time with.

i seriously can't remember when was the last time i went shopping and flipped through racks of clothes, or ran my hand along silky fabrics, or browsed through bags and accessories. it felt like such a pleasure to be able to do so after such a long time!

didn't buy the outfit in the picture, but i purchased a peacock-feather patterned maxi. no idea when i'll be able to wear it, but it's so pretty i just had to have it! 


soaked to the skin but happy and contented. :) 

at 5pm, the skies were clear. despite knowing what the weather forecast said, i decided to take a chance on it as i've been seriously exercise-deprived over the past month. got drenched because of my gamble, but it was worth it! 


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