Monday, December 10, 2012


here's to continuing blogging about the trip north in the days leading up to PBIM.

while we were in ipoh, we visited this place called Kellie's Castle.

it seems that this castle was built more than 50years ago by a wealthy englishman who owned estates in malaya. however he passed away before its completion and it was left unfinished.

me being as enthusiastic about it as possible. seriously, the weather that day was insane. the sun was scorchingly hot and there was hardly any breeze or at least clouds to lessen the wrath of the sun's rays. sweat streamed down our faces and we were all so hot and bothered and sticky! X(

the castle was built across this river with only one bridge, where the ticket booth was set up. so if you really want to, you can choose to swim across the river instead of using the bridge to cross and forgo paying the RM4 entry fee.

stone corridors.

took a picture along the corridor, but there were so many other people visiting the site on that day as well! took multiple tries but this was the picture with the least people.

there was a passage leading to the rooftop, where ben and i ventured. szejiun stayed below because he was scared of heights.

ben :)

jumpshot! right when this picture was snapped, my slipper flew off and over the edge of the roof.

we saw bats there too.

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