Thursday, December 27, 2012

DAY IN THE LIFE : 27th DEC 2012

hey there peeps!

haven't done any of these 'day in the life' posts for a long time because lets face it, my day-to-day life isn't exactly always a party. i think for even my most regular readers, there's only so much of running / food / random details they can take, yes? 


meal 1, 1030hrs
- coffee [that is NOT a proper meal, but somehow i didn't feel like eating a solid breakfast. probably due to not eating properly because of so much travelling and moving round recently.]

meal 2, 1430hrs
- kangkung belacan
- scrambled eggs with tomatoes

snack, 1600hrs
- coffee

meal 3, 2130hrs
- oats with milk + raisins
- 4 pcs of papaya


vacuumed the house from top to bottom, just cos i felt like it.

went running in the afternoon. first long LONG run after some time! 16.44km.

updated this space which has been dormant for a week now.

i realize what i ate today is way less than my usual. oh well.

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