Saturday, November 3, 2012


on a bare minimum, i go to my college library 3 times a day. not because of the books (as much as i like reading) but because of one sole reason - the washrooms in the library are x10000000 cleaner than washrooms on the other floors. one of my friends remarked the other day
“how come you’re always in the library? it’s as though you spend your entire college life there.”
“nah, i go to the library just so i can use a clean washroom to do my business.”
“that’s.. the best reason i’ve ever heard from anyone to use the library LOL.”
when i walked into the kitchen the other day, i caught a squirrel by surprise. it was staring at a bunch of bananas my dad had just bought. the bananas were still sort of green, so i guess it was wondering if it was worth the trouble to tear one off and make off with it as the banana would probably be hard and not sweet. 
upon my entering the kitchen, the squirrel gave a start. it made eye contact with me for a split second, then bounded off as fast as lightning out the kitchen window.

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