Thursday, November 8, 2012


you know, you're never really aware of how much it's going to hurt. you just think that oh well, that's that and things change. you find escapism in sleep. the next day, oh wow. it hurts so bad and you could've never seen it coming, but you know you gotta grit your teeth and bear it, and the pain will just fade away in time.

i just got the wire of my braces changed yesterday. and yes, the paragraph above is wholly referring to the experience. leaving the dentist, you only feel a tightness in your upper and lower jaws which stays with you the whole day. the pain doesn't hit home til when you wake up the next morning, when your jaw's sore and throbbing.


ANYWAY (that was a very long winded deviation) what i actually wanted to do is write. you know. about stuff. because i like writing and its good therapy and if i want to stay sharp i need to continuously practice even if it's just random nonsense which probably no one will read except my narcissistic self. hence, let the ramblings commence.

  • i will be heading to penang next tuesday for penang bridge international marathon 2012. although the event will be held on sunday, i'm going that much earlier in advance because szejuin is driving and i'm just freeloading along in his car ; hence i have no grounds to be making demands as to when we should leave.
  • szejuin and i will be staying at another friend's place. our collegemate ben is from penang and said that he would gladly provide us a roof over our heads if he could jump in the car as well to head home for our weeklong semester holiday.
  • ben's condo has a GYM and POOL, both of which i am majorly excited about. it also has tennis and badminton courts, but those are of less significance to me. 
  • oh oh and another thing (which guys will not be able to relate to) which has me happy, is that for once, mother nature was cool and paid me a visit one week in advance to penang! so i will be able to go swimming and run my marathon without worry about any nasty inconveniences. 

Things To Do For Penang
- pack sunscreen
- take sunnies and lots of water
- wax legs
- pack turquoise two-piece
- summery dresses
- shorts, tanks, and shirts
- asics
- running shorts and tops
- sports bras
- etc etc etc.. will update this list more as the date draws closer.

penang, i can't wait to see you soon! :)

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