Tuesday, November 13, 2012


first i was going to leave for penang on tuesday. however the plan changed to wednesday. then i became aware of the weight of unfinished assignments and seriously was about to decide on not going with them at all and only going up by myself on saturday. 

but behold the pillar of support known as 'friends'! thanks to those who have agreed to help me out a little, i'll be able to join ben and szejiun on the trip up tomorrow.

anyhoo, here are some random pictures and updates from my life to tide you over til i return. and when i return, it will be with a piece of metal saying 'half marathon finisher' slung round my neck, in all its triumphant glory.


morning run. they have become less frequent of late ; nevertheless when i do manage to drag myself out of bed and go, i am rewarded with a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to start my day off with. 


still very early and dark. lamps around my park area.


behold, the magnificent beauty of the morning sky heralding a new day.


jogged to usj 1 the other day to play basketball. however as soon as i reached the place, it poured buckets, with howling winds as well. well, better that it only started raining after i got there as at least i could take shelter under one of the huts nearby, as opposed to it raining 15minutes before.


me standing on tiptoes trying to delay the impending rise of the water from wetting my shoes. after about half an hour of enduring this, the guys reached and i ran through the pelting rain into the car.


random outfit post.
dress from kitschen, belt from fos. 


kiara park, where i went jogging last friday with szejiun, justine, and kyle.


awake late one night, i posted on my facebook 'need to go for a run tomorrow morning!' a short while later, szejiun pm'ed me saying he was going running too and would i like to join them? i replied in the affirmative, and he responded "good, so we'll be going to kiara park."


it was a really nice place! okay i didn't run seriously because wow that is one serious hill trail there! maybe not for some, but i suppose because i run mostly on flat track or at most on mild slopes, i found this route challenging. didn't want to push it with penang marathon so near, so i just mostly walked and, when i felt like it, jogged at my leisure.


canopy trail. this was really slippery.


pigeons and monkeys feeding.


a gator in the lake? 
nah, it was a monitor lizard.

it's 2.22am. i'm due to leave in approximately 11hours more and have yet to get anything ready. time to get round to packing. toodles!


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