Saturday, November 24, 2012


it's been nearly a week since PBIM 2012

april 2011, i was at one of my lowest points. i'd gained a lot of weight from not exercising and being careless about what i ate. it wasn't just about the weight however ; i was also feeling tired, unconfident, unhappy, and antisocial all the time. i was at rock bottom when i made the decision to change to a healthier lifestyle. i started running committedly and began to watch my diet as well. it wasn't easy, but i felt great. i felt accomplished. i knew i had to do more.

i knew that i COULD do more.

wanting to achieve a change without having solid benchmarks and goals is like a ship drifting aimlessly at sea without a fixed destination.

i vowed to join a half marathon, and i decided to choose PBIM 2011 my 'big' progress benchmark. so i trained hard and prepared every day like it was my last opportunity i had. however, i pushed myself too hard without giving my body its deserved rest, and burnt out on busted knees. i was so upset and crushed that i couldn't join PBIM 2011 when i knew i was so mentally ready for it, that i shed tears of frustration.

nevertheless, i learnt my lesson. i scrounged for and dug up running medical journals, running websites and forums, runner's discussions and  logs. from there, i learnt what had gone wrong and gained insight into how i should have prepared. 

earlier this year in june, i ran my first half marathon at Standard Chartered Marathon KL 2012 (2:45). i finished it and was proud of myself. but i still harbored hopes for my unfulfilled promise to myself to run the PBIM.

and so i have.

from running across the ocean along with 34,500 other runners, having major stomach issues, to crossing that finish line.. i'm so happy and proud that i've finally achieved my wish from last year! back then, i may have not been able to fulfill it because of my knee injuries, but what's important to me is that I'VE DONE IT, even if this is one year later and not within my desired time of 2:30 (i finished in 2:43)

this is the 37th year that PBIM has been organized since 1985 (that's 7 years before i was born!) and this was my last opportunity we had to run on this bridge as from next year, it will be held on the new bridge.


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