Monday, November 5, 2012


a couple sundays ago, 5 of us from inti loaded into the car and headed to nilai where mapcu road relay was being held.

kevin, su juin, james and malcolm. we got there early so we just sort of walked about and checked out the place waiting for the teams from other colleges to arrive.

dewdrops on the grass.

nilai is such a small town, more quiet and less developed than kl. i was actually considering going there to study, but neh. while i may like the small town lifestyle more, methinks it's TOO small and quiet for me. 

then other teams started to arrive, including the team from inti nilai university.

me : you guys are gonna win for sure.
them : what makes you so certain?
me : because you're all black. 

okay la they didn't come out champion but they still placed third.


then it was time for the event to commence. i was the fourth runner.

waiting for kevin to hand me the baton.

and i was off!

so how did we fare? while it was far from stellar, at least we weren't last. 
yes, my cup is always half full. :)

some pictures from kevin's camera. love its flip screen, so handy for self-camwhore shots!


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