Thursday, November 29, 2012


i'm done with assignments! now, i can finally get round to blogging about the roadtrip leading up to PBIM

as many of you know, i travelled up north from wednesday til sunday last week with two friends, ben and szejiun. the main purpose was to run in Penang Bridge International Marathon which was on sunday morning. 

we stopped by ipoh on wednesday, continued our journey up on friday, and returned on sunday. in ipoh, we met up with a few friends who took us around. 

among the places we visited, was this very interesting and quaint cafe called 'Burps & Giggles'.

the front of the cafe.

interior of B&G.

a lane leading outdoors dubbed the 'Lazy Lane', teehee. so cute!

myself, emily, and justine.

pretty flower growing from the wall of the Lazy Lane.

ben :)

i'm really glad i got to know you better. while not the same can be said for everyone i've ever travelled with you and i definitely got along well on this trip. looking forward to singapore with you next year!

alright, capping off here first. Pt.2 will be coming up soon! :)

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