Saturday, November 10, 2012


today, i have a curiously odd story to share with you.

random picture of me first, just to remind you what i look like. :)

almost half a year ago, when i was doing my internship, i had to look up some info on this skincare product. i didn't want to get it off their website (which company wouldn't say good things about their own product?) so i filtered my search options down to blogs.

out of the hundreds of results that surfaced, i clicked on this one blog. it wasn't even on the first page of results. anyway, i read the review and the way the author wrote seemed really interesting, so i decided to read more. i started reading through their blog. one year, two years back, perhaps even further. 

i learned that the author was a guy my age, he studied in a college in PJ, he loved his family fiercely and above all he too believed in Christ. he was extremely close to his brother and it showed by his brother being a constant mention through out his writings. i was so intrigued that i went to his brother's blog as well. 

as i recall, when i went to said brother's blog, he was struggling with some issues. and me being the busybody nice albeit overly concerned person that i am, sent him an email of encouragement and support.

after that i just closed the window and went on with my life. i didn't think anymore about it and gradually forgot that i ever came across the blog in the first place.


fast forward to september.

after spending 2.5 months away as an intern, i returned to college. and as with every new semester, there are new people to meet, fresh faces to greet. this semester was no different.

the addition of people i got to know saw a parallel increase of facebook acquaintances. 


fast forward a little more to october. 

i was being my regular self on the internet. y'know, creeping on facebook and looking randomly through people's profiles.

i came to this friend's page. "hmm, we talk off and on but i don't know much about him. let's see what there is to know!" 


ooh, this guy has a blog! i love reading people's blogs and getting to know all their deep dark dirty secrets!


what.. he's the one whose blog i was reading half a year ago and was so impressed with! well well.. what are the odds. that this same guy whose random blog i chanced upon all that time ago, of all the people out there, would gradually come to enroll in the same college as me to further his studies and that our paths would cross?

recounted this interesting incident to jason, and he told me

"oooh, it's a sign!!"
"it is! i'm telling you cheryl, things like these don't just happen for no reason!"

don't they? 


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