Friday, October 5, 2012


my neighbour's house caught fire last night.

i had turned off the light in my room at 1a.m., and was already in bed drifting off to sleep when a tremendous "BOOM!" resounded. as i was still lying there trying to figure out whether it was part of a dream or not, my dad rushed in (he thought that the explosion had come from my room.)

upon entering and finding my room devoid of any hazard, he immediately threw open the windows and looked out. my room faces the back alley and we can clearly see my neighbour's house from there. in a matter of seconds, my dad clattered down the stairs and out the back door.

now fully alert, i jumped out of bed and looked out the window too ; i saw flames licking their tongues out of the kitchen. and above all this, i became aware of the most horrible, garish thing in this whole fiasco - the screams. unrelenting, agonizing, wretched screams of someone who undoubtedly was experiencing intense suffering and pain. 

by now all the occupants of the surrounding houses had woken up and were out helping. the fire was extinguished with buckets of water.

however, we later learnt that there had been a substantial amount of damage caused not by the fire, but by the impact of the pressure. what had happened was that there had been a gas leak. the mother had gone down to investigate, and upon entering the kitchen, flipped the switch. as soon as she did, she had immediately set off the tiniest spark within the electrical cables which had diffused through the gas and ultimately the huge explosion. 

it reverberated all throughout the ground floor of the house, ripping up the tiled marble floor, shattering the front windows, and blowing even the heavy victorian front doors off their hinges.

the mum had been caught in immediate line of fire, and it was she whom i had heard screaming as she ran out the front door banging on the neighbour's house for help. she had been instantly taken to the hospital, where she is still being treated for first degree burns which had affected her internal organs as well. the father, whom had followed his wife downstairs, was also injured although not as seriously. he was admitted to hospital as well for trauma and to be monitored.

at least both their sons and their maid, who were all upstairs at the time of the incident were all unharmed, and the upper floor of their house was unaffected.

i really pray that their family will heal and get through this misfortune.


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