Tuesday, October 2, 2012


actually this incident happened some time ago already but i never mentioned it to many people or anything because it's not something i'm proud of. in fact, i was in the wrong.

you see, this other person and i had been acqaintances for a few months. not really close friends, but still on friendly terms. like, maybe we'd bump into each other randomly and chat. then i did something really stupid. 

most of you would know i have a keen interest in health and fitness, and can talk about it til the cows come home. since i've changed my lifestyle to a healthier one, i openly advocate it to anyone and everyone. anyway, this person told me that they wanted to lose weight for almost all of their nearly 30something years of walking this earth.

i listened and gave them advice, but got frustrated when they fell short. which was indeed extremely uncalled for and judgemental when they were already going through mountainous challenges and obstacles in every other aspect of their life. i know i was wrong and no one ever deserves to be judged like that. then i did something even worse. i made a post on here pointing out their mistakes and why what they were doing was wrong. 

i know, i know. i'm a horrible person. 

at that time, it seemed like just a tongue-in-cheek, comical post. i didn't think much of it and even inserted some pictures i thought were funny. it was really insanely stupid for me to make fun of something which was sensitive to someone, even if their identity was being kept anonymous.

after a few days of the post being up, i started having some second thoughts. a friend told me nicely that it probably wasn't the best way to encourage others and that i should rethink having it displayed. i agreed with them and intended to take it down when i had the chance. on that same day when i got home, someone else was using the computer so i went and had a nap for a while. when i woke up, i saw that the said person who was the source of the post had messaged me.

"just saw your post. seriously i have no idea why you had to do something like that."

instantly, i made a beeline for the office, ordered whoever was using it to get off, and deleted it. then i laboriously typed out a lengthy apology. i was wrong, i knew it. 

however the other person refused flatly to ever have anything to do with me again, although i had taken it down and was trying to apologize to them. i am not trying to say that by doing so it should have made everything cool again, or even close. but at least i had removed the offending item and was acknowledging i was wrong.

nevertheless the person still insisted on cutting off all ties with me. i felt remorseful for my actions. it was undeniably foolish and crude of me to have written a post like that, but told myself that's that. i already did what i could to make things better. if it still wasn't enough for the other person then all i can do is count that relationship as a loss, move on, and hopefully* learn from my (humongous, apocalyptical) mistake) and never be so stupid again.

* i say 'hopefully' because it is probably highly definitely impossible i would never do anything stupid again.


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