Thursday, October 25, 2012


while i love my long hair, what i don't love so much is the amount of effort that comes with maintaining it. do you know how much more work i have to put in, yet my hair is never as healthy as it was when it was short?

me with short hair, circa 2009.

me with long hair, taken sometime last year in november.

december 2011 ; this was the longest my hair ever was.

when i had short hair, i hardly had to put in much effort to take care of it but it would still be glossy and healthy. however, now if i want my hair to stay looking nice and shiny, i have to use conditioner every time i wash my hair. do you know how much of a hassle using conditioner is? you're standing there with your head full of suds, and you're supposed to wait 3minutes for it to work its effects. 

those leave-in ones don't cut it for me, i have to use the proper ones in the shower.

wait three minutes in the shower for conditioner to work?

well anyway, i have figured out the most efficient way to shower without wasting time waiting for my hair conditoner to work.

step 1 - shampoo your hair thoroughly. rinse.
step 2 - apply conditioner generously, combing through your hair to maximize distribution.
step 3 - leaving the conditioner in to moisturize your hair, you can start meticulously soaping yourself over now. pay special attention to armpits and buttcrack.
step 4 - continue soaping. be as anal as possible ; between toes, the crook of your knees, inner elbows, behind ears, etc etc. be mindful that the more anal you are = the longer you are taking = the cleaner you get = the conditioner has more time to work in your hair = your hair gets more and more awesome.
step 4 - rinse everything off in one go, towel yourself dry, and step out the shower as fresh as a daisy with fantastic hair to boot.

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