Monday, October 8, 2012


i don't always feel pretty, but when i do i make sure to take pictures. y'know, just to remind me of the wonders of a long shower + a good outfit can do, especially when i'm feeling real grotty and unattractive. (hey, everyone has bad body image days!)

purple tank - Rm7, Tanksfor5
colourful print skirt - Rm19.90, Kitschen
mulberry inspired bag - Rm65, Un-masqued
black wedge heels - mum's

if i had the ability to change some things about my face :
   - a higher and sharper nose
   - rounder and bigger eyes with double eyelids instead of being slanty and single-lidded 
   - smaller lips 
   - dimples on both sides as opposed to only one dimple hanging out awkwardly on its own on the left side of my face.

on the other hand, what i'm grateful for :
   - my face which my chinese relatives dub 'melon-seed face', as in a high forehead, wide cheekbones and a defined chin.
   - my ears. i think they're the right size and shape, and the fact i have earlobes when there are some others who don't. (okay i know this is a funny one, but i think it'd look funny to have piercings without earlobes. laugh at me if you want. :3 )
   - my skin, which is fairly smooth with few pores, and rarely has breakouts or blackheads.
   - my lips. i have a like-dislike relationship with them ; sometimes i think they're too thick, but other times i'm flattered when others compliment me on having such abundant full lips.
   - my collarbones. they may be a collateral result of being big-boned, but i'm thankful for what i have.


yesterday, i handed my camera to my brother and told him to randomly take pictures of me through out the day.

"because i realized i rarely take pictures anymore. and i need to take more NOW when i'm still young and gorgeous because if i don't and when i'm old and wrinkly, i won't be able to show my grandchildren my pictures and tell them 'grandma used to look like that when i was a girl!' and hear them go 'waaahhh..' "

nevermind my overactive imagination.

i dragged my brother to the women's underwear section at jusco because i wanted to look for affordable sports bras (i don't believe in paying rm100+ for one from nike, what's the point of paying so much when no one's going to see it anyway.)

"so many lacey, padded, cottoned, ribboned but no sports bras at all! let's leave!"

for my brother's benefit, i took him to brands outlet so that he could look at guys clothes as well. mehh, i shouldn't have bothered. he looked at a few things and was done, then came to find me.

was trying on flats.

i did end up with a pair eventually, but from another store. actually, i have way too many flats now. i should stop buying them.

another of my brother's 'random shots in a day my sister's life' when we were at the grocery section in jusco

i wanted to buy an individual pack of lowfat milk ; however there was only 1litre boxes available so i wasn't able to get one.

went to Studio R after that to look for a pair of sport shoes for him. he's been asking for one since forever as he doesn't have a proper pair.

while browsing through the shoes.

we disagreed a lot on while choosing a pair. it seemed as though he was bent on selecting all the ugliest, most horrendous, garish ones on display (think lime green, puke yellow, boring brown) while i was set on an understated neutral look (whites, light / dark blues, red) because they match well with anything.

after a good hour or so, finally decided on a pair.

although it's not exactly 'neutral', i guess it's not too bad compared to some of the other disasters he wanted to get.


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