Sunday, October 21, 2012


so here i am blogging about inti cf outing, which actually happened about two weeks ago. the plan was for our group to play some captainball first, then shower and head for lunch. 

since i was bringing the captainball equipment, i knew it was better for me to be there early. however, only crickets chirping greeted me when i reached lol. bryan was the next one who arrived, but we couldn't exactly play a game of anything with only two people.

since that was the case, we went into ryan's house to chill and play with his rat sugar glider.

look at my awesome MS paint mask! cos i look lousy in that photo heh.

soon after, more people came and we were able to get on with captainball. 

playing team sports after so long felt so good! running certainly has its perks of being effective, but at times it can also get lonely and tedious doing something alone, day in and day out.

the picture above - when you see it.


after that, we proceeded to wondermilk at damansara for lunch. maybe some of us suddenly pulled out in favour of cheap hawker food (ahem ahem) and then came inside leeching the fact that we had friends who were paying customers inside, because we're money-savvy like that hee hee. 

high noon, one of the board games we played. to give credit to bryan, he did try very very hard to teach and advise us how to play it but it was either too complicated or we were to dumb. we got frustrated and gave up after a while. then i went around and took some pictures of the cafe.

stealing some of bryan's pictures from facebook as well since he had such an awesome camera which took such nice shots.

also i really like how they had a bunch of fresh flowers on every table in the cafe.

pretty daisies. i love daisies!

and since we're on the topic, i'll have you know that my favourite flowers are daisies, peonies, roses, and tulips. well actually i love most flowers ; if you're friends with me on facebook you'll see that there are quite a number of my profile pictures which have flowers in them as well.

anyway, more random pictures of wondermilk's interior and of our group as well. it rained cats and dogs so we stayed much longer than planned, just sitting around and chilling and chatting and taking pictures until it was time to go home.


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