Friday, October 19, 2012


"SHUT UPPPP!!!!!" i yelled at the top of my lungs.


oh, those cursed cats. for nearly a whole fortnight now, what sounded like a whole clowder (that's the collective term for a group of cats people, look it up) of cats would gather directly outside my bedroom window. 

they then would proceed to have the most deafening caterwauling, recklessly screaming their lungs out producing godawful yowling that i swear can be heard all up and down my street, annoying the heck out of everyone trying to get a peaceful night's rest. 

most of all, it annoys ME. with those dratted cats right outside my window, i'm the one who gets the full brunt of their wretched meowing.

last night, they were at it again. i lay in my bed for a few moments. with my pillow over my head, with my blanket over my pillow over my head - nope, there was no way i could muffle their gleeful ruckus. irritated, i opened the window to get a look of the tone-deaf feline choir.

there they were, merrily yowling away with no notion whatsoever of the grief they were causing me. idiots. a tabby, a patched, and another black-and-orange one. i glared upon their oblivious beings, with no idea whatsoever as to what i should do. there was no way i was going to go down, unlock the kitchen door and venture out into the dark and cold night to shoo them off - it was too much trouble.

"YOWW YOWW EOWWW, RWEOOWW NGEOWWRR YOWWW" they happily carried on. and i had enough.

"SHUT UPPPP!!!!" i shouted at them angrily at the top of my lungs. startled, they turned around and saw me. briefly, it seemed as though that was the end of their night's symphony. but for a moment, the patched one had the nerve to start up again "eoww, yeoww.. " 

"SHHHHH!!!" i hissed furiously again. "shut up, you idiots!" 

they stared at me for a few seconds. one got up, stretched, and padded away jauntily. soon after, the other two followed suit. 

i shut my window in a huff and returned under the covers.


upon waking up the next morning, it seemed much funnier in daylight as compared to annoying and irritating when i was really trying to get some shuteye. 

"did i really shout at a trio of noisy cats to turn it down? and it worked?"



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