Tuesday, October 16, 2012


from my to-do list, i've booted off one assignment, one presentation, and one proposal. while i may still have two more deadlines waving to me at the end of this week, i still think that my efforts thus far deserve me a break. 


so last sunday while i was in church, i suddenly got a call from szejiun.

"hey, do you have any important plans for today?"
"not that i know of.. why?"
"we need girls for the ultimate frisbee intercampus games and you can run, so YOU'RE IT."
"WHATT?? when is it?"

long story short, wun and szejiun came all the way from nottingham uni in semenyih to my church to get me, took me home to change and grab my gear, then we went to ambush weiwei and sped back to semenyih. with wun driving like a demon all the way and us clinging on for dear life.

anyway, we got to the campus and boy was it gorgeous! lush green hills, dense shrubbery, vast open plains, lakes. a sports complex with a gym, swimming pool, tennis, squash and badminton courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts. man, if i studied on a campus like that i tell you that i'd be LIVING sports. *sighs wistfully*

anyway, here's some of what was captured on the playing fields that day.

monash doing their drills. don't you just love their uniform?

team monash and team imu shaking hands after a game. 

while waiting for our first game against imu, we practiced (or at least tried to) a bit, but there were more misses than hits. i've only ever played frisbee once in my entire life, and even that was just for fun with some friends. 

the first game started, and i realized that i had been dumped straight into the deep end and had to keep my head above it all. i swiftly formed somewhat of an understanding although i had very little knowledge of the game initially. (what the heck is 'stack' supposed to mean? they kept yelling that through out the game)

one thing that the szejiun had right and that i had going for me, was the fact that i could run. and that i could catch things pretty well with all my years of experience playing ball sports. thus i scored a point in the first game against IMU as well as blocked a few too hehe.

team inti (red & white) with team imu (white.) 

however it all went downhill after the first game. we went up against inti nilai and ucsi, and lost miserably. we may have been sort of 'okay'ish (well, the guys could play sorta well i guess) but what we really lacked which was their advantage over us, was the number of players. we only had 9, while others had like 20? weiwei and i had to be on the field all the time because it was a compulsory rule for each side have 2 girls playing throughout and there were no other females besides us.

every while or so, they'd sub in a fresh new lineup, and after a while we were just running circles round them while they tossed and scored like it was no sweat.

i didn't feel any pressure or upset though, because i knew i had no foundation whatsoever in it, and certainly didn't expect to be called upon on just less than 2hours before the tournament. it was fun and a good experience, and i'm grateful for the opportunity.

weiwei and i.

we started messing round while waiting to board the bus.

me and choon kai.

he so smartly asked me on friday if i could come help the frisbee team, but never called me when i gave him my number. (SEE what i mean about guys never calling when you give them your number?) on saturday night, i did think about asking him if they had enough girls on but couldn't do so as i had no way to contact him.

a few fail shots of me, because although i look like a complete doofus i think they're too funny not to share!

this is the face i make when i'm on the toiletbowl as well.

and a couple ones that worked, cos i'm vain like that too.

this was the nicest shot of me! well in my opinion at least :)

one of ty.


yes i know i'm mean muahaha.

and ending this post with a group pic.

while i think that running will always be (at least, for a long while more) no.1 for me, i did find frisbee pretty cool as well and wouldn't mind playing it once in a while for fun. need to really brush up on my passes though!


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