Wednesday, October 31, 2012


hint about this post : remember when i mentioned a few months ago, that my big toenail had mysteriously turned black?

WARNING - don't scroll down if you don't want your eyes to be brutally raped.

i told you not to scroll down!
now prepare yourselves to be disgusted. (hey, you asked for it.)

so it turns out that my toenail turning black was the foretelling of a double nail.

from what i understand, this occurs when a new nail forms and grows underneath an already existing nail. the new one pushes up and through, forcing the old nail out. although this may sound painful, it's only mildly uncomfortable in the early stages. my new nail growing out didn't cause me any pain at all.

sure it was insanely creepy and weird, but nothing else apart from that.

my existing nail being shed, pushed out by my new growing nail underneath.

and this is how it looked after the old nail completely came off.


Saturday, October 27, 2012


Someone once asked me which of my possessions I am attached to the most. 
I have used the same blanket (blankets?) since I was 5 years old. There are two of them so that no matter what, I’ll always be able to have one in bed with me. However, one of them has been unravelling slightly and has been cut up to use as kitchen rags. 

My heart is heavy and my soul is in shreds. :'(


Thursday, October 25, 2012


while i love my long hair, what i don't love so much is the amount of effort that comes with maintaining it. do you know how much more work i have to put in, yet my hair is never as healthy as it was when it was short?

me with short hair, circa 2009.

me with long hair, taken sometime last year in november.

december 2011 ; this was the longest my hair ever was.

when i had short hair, i hardly had to put in much effort to take care of it but it would still be glossy and healthy. however, now if i want my hair to stay looking nice and shiny, i have to use conditioner every time i wash my hair. do you know how much of a hassle using conditioner is? you're standing there with your head full of suds, and you're supposed to wait 3minutes for it to work its effects. 

those leave-in ones don't cut it for me, i have to use the proper ones in the shower.

wait three minutes in the shower for conditioner to work?

well anyway, i have figured out the most efficient way to shower without wasting time waiting for my hair conditoner to work.

step 1 - shampoo your hair thoroughly. rinse.
step 2 - apply conditioner generously, combing through your hair to maximize distribution.
step 3 - leaving the conditioner in to moisturize your hair, you can start meticulously soaping yourself over now. pay special attention to armpits and buttcrack.
step 4 - continue soaping. be as anal as possible ; between toes, the crook of your knees, inner elbows, behind ears, etc etc. be mindful that the more anal you are = the longer you are taking = the cleaner you get = the conditioner has more time to work in your hair = your hair gets more and more awesome.
step 4 - rinse everything off in one go, towel yourself dry, and step out the shower as fresh as a daisy with fantastic hair to boot.

yes you can send your appreciation notes and cheques to :


Sunday, October 21, 2012


so here i am blogging about inti cf outing, which actually happened about two weeks ago. the plan was for our group to play some captainball first, then shower and head for lunch. 

since i was bringing the captainball equipment, i knew it was better for me to be there early. however, only crickets chirping greeted me when i reached lol. bryan was the next one who arrived, but we couldn't exactly play a game of anything with only two people.

since that was the case, we went into ryan's house to chill and play with his rat sugar glider.

look at my awesome MS paint mask! cos i look lousy in that photo heh.

soon after, more people came and we were able to get on with captainball. 

playing team sports after so long felt so good! running certainly has its perks of being effective, but at times it can also get lonely and tedious doing something alone, day in and day out.

the picture above - when you see it.


after that, we proceeded to wondermilk at damansara for lunch. maybe some of us suddenly pulled out in favour of cheap hawker food (ahem ahem) and then came inside leeching the fact that we had friends who were paying customers inside, because we're money-savvy like that hee hee. 

high noon, one of the board games we played. to give credit to bryan, he did try very very hard to teach and advise us how to play it but it was either too complicated or we were to dumb. we got frustrated and gave up after a while. then i went around and took some pictures of the cafe.

stealing some of bryan's pictures from facebook as well since he had such an awesome camera which took such nice shots.

also i really like how they had a bunch of fresh flowers on every table in the cafe.

pretty daisies. i love daisies!

and since we're on the topic, i'll have you know that my favourite flowers are daisies, peonies, roses, and tulips. well actually i love most flowers ; if you're friends with me on facebook you'll see that there are quite a number of my profile pictures which have flowers in them as well.

anyway, more random pictures of wondermilk's interior and of our group as well. it rained cats and dogs so we stayed much longer than planned, just sitting around and chilling and chatting and taking pictures until it was time to go home.


Friday, October 19, 2012


"SHUT UPPPP!!!!!" i yelled at the top of my lungs.


oh, those cursed cats. for nearly a whole fortnight now, what sounded like a whole clowder (that's the collective term for a group of cats people, look it up) of cats would gather directly outside my bedroom window. 

they then would proceed to have the most deafening caterwauling, recklessly screaming their lungs out producing godawful yowling that i swear can be heard all up and down my street, annoying the heck out of everyone trying to get a peaceful night's rest. 

most of all, it annoys ME. with those dratted cats right outside my window, i'm the one who gets the full brunt of their wretched meowing.

last night, they were at it again. i lay in my bed for a few moments. with my pillow over my head, with my blanket over my pillow over my head - nope, there was no way i could muffle their gleeful ruckus. irritated, i opened the window to get a look of the tone-deaf feline choir.

there they were, merrily yowling away with no notion whatsoever of the grief they were causing me. idiots. a tabby, a patched, and another black-and-orange one. i glared upon their oblivious beings, with no idea whatsoever as to what i should do. there was no way i was going to go down, unlock the kitchen door and venture out into the dark and cold night to shoo them off - it was too much trouble.

"YOWW YOWW EOWWW, RWEOOWW NGEOWWRR YOWWW" they happily carried on. and i had enough.

"SHUT UPPPP!!!!" i shouted at them angrily at the top of my lungs. startled, they turned around and saw me. briefly, it seemed as though that was the end of their night's symphony. but for a moment, the patched one had the nerve to start up again "eoww, yeoww.. " 

"SHHHHH!!!" i hissed furiously again. "shut up, you idiots!" 

they stared at me for a few seconds. one got up, stretched, and padded away jauntily. soon after, the other two followed suit. 

i shut my window in a huff and returned under the covers.


upon waking up the next morning, it seemed much funnier in daylight as compared to annoying and irritating when i was really trying to get some shuteye. 

"did i really shout at a trio of noisy cats to turn it down? and it worked?"



Tuesday, October 16, 2012


from my to-do list, i've booted off one assignment, one presentation, and one proposal. while i may still have two more deadlines waving to me at the end of this week, i still think that my efforts thus far deserve me a break. 


so last sunday while i was in church, i suddenly got a call from szejiun.

"hey, do you have any important plans for today?"
"not that i know of.. why?"
"we need girls for the ultimate frisbee intercampus games and you can run, so YOU'RE IT."
"WHATT?? when is it?"

long story short, wun and szejiun came all the way from nottingham uni in semenyih to my church to get me, took me home to change and grab my gear, then we went to ambush weiwei and sped back to semenyih. with wun driving like a demon all the way and us clinging on for dear life.

anyway, we got to the campus and boy was it gorgeous! lush green hills, dense shrubbery, vast open plains, lakes. a sports complex with a gym, swimming pool, tennis, squash and badminton courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts. man, if i studied on a campus like that i tell you that i'd be LIVING sports. *sighs wistfully*

anyway, here's some of what was captured on the playing fields that day.

monash doing their drills. don't you just love their uniform?

team monash and team imu shaking hands after a game. 

while waiting for our first game against imu, we practiced (or at least tried to) a bit, but there were more misses than hits. i've only ever played frisbee once in my entire life, and even that was just for fun with some friends. 

the first game started, and i realized that i had been dumped straight into the deep end and had to keep my head above it all. i swiftly formed somewhat of an understanding although i had very little knowledge of the game initially. (what the heck is 'stack' supposed to mean? they kept yelling that through out the game)

one thing that the szejiun had right and that i had going for me, was the fact that i could run. and that i could catch things pretty well with all my years of experience playing ball sports. thus i scored a point in the first game against IMU as well as blocked a few too hehe.

team inti (red & white) with team imu (white.) 

however it all went downhill after the first game. we went up against inti nilai and ucsi, and lost miserably. we may have been sort of 'okay'ish (well, the guys could play sorta well i guess) but what we really lacked which was their advantage over us, was the number of players. we only had 9, while others had like 20? weiwei and i had to be on the field all the time because it was a compulsory rule for each side have 2 girls playing throughout and there were no other females besides us.

every while or so, they'd sub in a fresh new lineup, and after a while we were just running circles round them while they tossed and scored like it was no sweat.

i didn't feel any pressure or upset though, because i knew i had no foundation whatsoever in it, and certainly didn't expect to be called upon on just less than 2hours before the tournament. it was fun and a good experience, and i'm grateful for the opportunity.

weiwei and i.

we started messing round while waiting to board the bus.

me and choon kai.

he so smartly asked me on friday if i could come help the frisbee team, but never called me when i gave him my number. (SEE what i mean about guys never calling when you give them your number?) on saturday night, i did think about asking him if they had enough girls on but couldn't do so as i had no way to contact him.

a few fail shots of me, because although i look like a complete doofus i think they're too funny not to share!

this is the face i make when i'm on the toiletbowl as well.

and a couple ones that worked, cos i'm vain like that too.

this was the nicest shot of me! well in my opinion at least :)

one of ty.


yes i know i'm mean muahaha.

and ending this post with a group pic.

while i think that running will always be (at least, for a long while more) no.1 for me, i did find frisbee pretty cool as well and wouldn't mind playing it once in a while for fun. need to really brush up on my passes though!


Friday, October 12, 2012


i really shouldn't be here.

it's almost the end of the week of midsem break, and what have i done? run, sleep, eat, bum, and laze around, that's what. although i obviously know i have no less than 4 assignments waiting on me, ggaaahhh. nevermind, procrastinating always leads to last minute efficiency!

just for you guys, here's a picture of me being silly - taken during cf outing yesterday

ignore the fact that i look like a total loony retard, instead focus on the awesomeness that are the sculpted  muscles in my legs.

alright, that's my obligatory blog update over and done with. 
now back to holding my nose to the grindstone of assignments.



Wednesday, October 10, 2012


so i cleared out my closet a couple days ago to make room for recent purchases and to get rid of old stuff. the outcome? well firstly, two big bags of clothes for donation (haven't worn some of them in like 3 years, no idea why i was still holding on to them) 

also, (now, here's the good part) i dug out some pieces which are really pretty and are still in trend right now so i've decided to sell them off!

again, handed the camera to my brother and commenced with shooting the outfits.

1. Electric blue dress with cutouts

belt included
thick cotton material
worn twice


heart the pretty cutouts 

2. Military blazer

polyester material with satin lining
brand new, never worn before.


3. Lycra blue dress

brand new, never worn before
stretchy good quality lycra material


make a statement with the caged back!

4. Red skater dress

thick cotton material.
brand new, never worn before.


5. Grecian toga dress

thick cotton material
brand new, never worn before.



if you're interested, you can either self collect from usj16 or request for COD (charges of rm3 apply within subang area)
however if you stay further away, you can also request for postage services which will be stated upon enquiry.

hope you like what you see, and happy shopping! :)


Monday, October 8, 2012


i don't always feel pretty, but when i do i make sure to take pictures. y'know, just to remind me of the wonders of a long shower + a good outfit can do, especially when i'm feeling real grotty and unattractive. (hey, everyone has bad body image days!)

purple tank - Rm7, Tanksfor5
colourful print skirt - Rm19.90, Kitschen
mulberry inspired bag - Rm65, Un-masqued
black wedge heels - mum's

if i had the ability to change some things about my face :
   - a higher and sharper nose
   - rounder and bigger eyes with double eyelids instead of being slanty and single-lidded 
   - smaller lips 
   - dimples on both sides as opposed to only one dimple hanging out awkwardly on its own on the left side of my face.

on the other hand, what i'm grateful for :
   - my face which my chinese relatives dub 'melon-seed face', as in a high forehead, wide cheekbones and a defined chin.
   - my ears. i think they're the right size and shape, and the fact i have earlobes when there are some others who don't. (okay i know this is a funny one, but i think it'd look funny to have piercings without earlobes. laugh at me if you want. :3 )
   - my skin, which is fairly smooth with few pores, and rarely has breakouts or blackheads.
   - my lips. i have a like-dislike relationship with them ; sometimes i think they're too thick, but other times i'm flattered when others compliment me on having such abundant full lips.
   - my collarbones. they may be a collateral result of being big-boned, but i'm thankful for what i have.


yesterday, i handed my camera to my brother and told him to randomly take pictures of me through out the day.

"because i realized i rarely take pictures anymore. and i need to take more NOW when i'm still young and gorgeous because if i don't and when i'm old and wrinkly, i won't be able to show my grandchildren my pictures and tell them 'grandma used to look like that when i was a girl!' and hear them go 'waaahhh..' "

nevermind my overactive imagination.

i dragged my brother to the women's underwear section at jusco because i wanted to look for affordable sports bras (i don't believe in paying rm100+ for one from nike, what's the point of paying so much when no one's going to see it anyway.)

"so many lacey, padded, cottoned, ribboned but no sports bras at all! let's leave!"

for my brother's benefit, i took him to brands outlet so that he could look at guys clothes as well. mehh, i shouldn't have bothered. he looked at a few things and was done, then came to find me.

was trying on flats.

i did end up with a pair eventually, but from another store. actually, i have way too many flats now. i should stop buying them.

another of my brother's 'random shots in a day my sister's life' when we were at the grocery section in jusco

i wanted to buy an individual pack of lowfat milk ; however there was only 1litre boxes available so i wasn't able to get one.

went to Studio R after that to look for a pair of sport shoes for him. he's been asking for one since forever as he doesn't have a proper pair.

while browsing through the shoes.

we disagreed a lot on while choosing a pair. it seemed as though he was bent on selecting all the ugliest, most horrendous, garish ones on display (think lime green, puke yellow, boring brown) while i was set on an understated neutral look (whites, light / dark blues, red) because they match well with anything.

after a good hour or so, finally decided on a pair.

although it's not exactly 'neutral', i guess it's not too bad compared to some of the other disasters he wanted to get.