Thursday, September 13, 2012


sometimes, even though nothing particularly exciting is going on in my life, i still like to come here and write. just because i like writing like that and i think that if i don't write regularly enough, as with everything the less you practice the less you have it.

people may not be as interested to read what i have here because like i said, it's not exactly a party going on all the time now. nevertheless, this blog is as much for myself as it is for my readers, and i like to entertain myself as well. hence the writings of random goings-on commence!


drew this while waiting for a lecture to begin. do you know what pokemon this is? (answer at the end of this post.) i think drawing is another thing i can do pretty okay-ly.


all my classes save one are on level 4. i always take the stairs going up and down because i have no patience waiting for the lift, plus it's faster for me to take the stairs than the lift anyway. not that i walk fast, it's just that the lift is ass slow. i get really annoyed when people get into the lift and press '2' when it's only one level up and the staircase is right next to the lift. just walk, damnit! unless of course, the person is injured / transporting goods / etc.


in media issues class, we watched glee so we could identify and analyze the types of stereotypes that the different characters represent. among them : the fat girl, the teen mom, the bad boy, the jock, the gay boy, the prima donna, the dumb blonde, etc etc etc. in that particular episode from season 3 it focused on harry shum and how his dad was so livid when he got an A- in one of his subjects. another typical asian stereotype! anyhoo, harry shum is soo hott.

get a load of that, girls! ;)


i have media planning as one of my subjects this semester. media planners do the job of researching the best places to advertise and help companies buy and place their ads. did you know that to advertise on a large bilboard in a prime location, it costs about RM3 million a year?

so here's what i plan to do once i graduate. i'm going to clear out my whole life savings and build a hugeass bilboard somewhere along the federal highway. then i'll sit back and let the bucks roll in. kaching-kaching, set for life, i'd never have to lift a finger again!


answer to which pokemon it was ; it's a bulbasaur. :)


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