Tuesday, September 11, 2012


today we watched a movie during scriptwriting class. it was titled 'no country for old men' and some scenes were pretty hardcore. i watched it through except for the shockingly gory bits, where i turned my face away and whispered to my friends beside me who had the balls to keep their eyes open
"has he finished plunging a needle and thread through his flesh stitching himself up?"
"is he still digging around with his penknife for the bullet burried in his thigh?"

went to mpsj to train for intercollege athletics. i'd done a tempo 11.6km yesterday so i'd planned to have an easy 10km today. james was already there, with a girl i'd never seen before. her name was kellie and we had lots to talk about. at the end of it we were yabbering away and james left us to run properly on his own.

walked back from mpsj to find the entrance to my housing area locked up. i spied a guard some distance within but didn't want to call out to him so i climbed over the fence to get in.

i'm going for my second appointment to tighten my braces tomorrow. oh, the joys of a liquid diet...

realized that it'll be my birthday in 3 days. i'm not a very happening person so i don't plan to do much. but it did get me mulling over what presents i'd like to receive. among them ; a gym membership or a home gym, sports apparel (running shorts and sports bras.)

my mum made stuffed tofu today. i asked my brother if he would be eating his white tofu. 
"good, then all the more for me."

among the items i consumed today : strawberry rolls, chocolate, a blueberry cheese bun, chocolate chip cookies. felt guilty for a while because i'm supposed to be trying to lose weight but then i remembered i won't be able to eat any of these for a long time from tomorrow onwards. then i also resolved to run more this week and felt slightly better.

received my confirmation receipt from the organizers of Penang Bridge International Marathon. which means come sunday, 18th november 2012, i will be joining the hordes of runners in the 21km category.


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