Saturday, September 15, 2012


i don't style my hair or use any products on it ; never have (too lazy) and i highly doubt i ever will. 

i'd messily scraped up all my hair into a bun as i was getting ready gathering all my stuff for college that morning. let my hair down when i reached college and was rather pleased to see that it decided to work with me this time and flow in soft waves.

okay not the best place to take a picture but nehh

so the some time ago i was shopping with some girlfriends at 1U and we went into topshop. they grabbed armfuls of clothes to try on ; however i was tired and lazy (not to mention too poor to afford anything there anyway) so i chose to wait for them on the couch outside the changing rooms. 

there was a guy there hanging up clothes and ironing them. so me being the chatty person that i am, struck up a conversation with him. my friends took FOREVER so we talked for a pretty long while. from what i gathered he seemed decent (and he was cute too hehe.)  

fast forward a couple weeks, i was there with my mum because she'd wanted to get some stuff from jusco. passed by and i happened to see topshop guy still working there. he remembered me as well and said hi and stuff and asked for my number.

well since he seemed like an 'okay' person i did give it to him. but he never called.

why would a guy even ask a girl for her number if he was never going to contact her? beats me. 


this reminds me of something i'd read somewhere ; that guys prefer girls who give them a hard time because of something to do with cavemen who hunt and guys being predatory creatures that they are, lavish the thrill of the chase. i probably made it too easy for topshop boy, heh. 

i need to get myself this book. 

kidding. i'll always rather be a nice girl who prefers going running at the track than a seductive come-hither bitch with killer heels getting it down in the club.

and plus because i'd rather have an equally nice guy than a smoldering bad boy. 

gotta run now (literally) soo,
laters! :)


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