Friday, September 28, 2012


it's a saturday, the day where i go for my usual long run. long as in 15km+. i really need a good run today, as i've been down with flu for the past couple of days and have basically been a lazy potato indoors. normally i do this on saturdays

Saturday Workout Routine

walk to mpsj
run for a solid hour

** water break **

run for another 20mins

** water break **

8 minutes of running stairs
8 minutes jumping rope
walk back home

HOWEVER, today of all days when i need it, i won't be able to go. on the upside though, it's because we're going to my grandparents house to celebrate the mooncake festival. i guess i'll just have to wake up early tomorrow and run before going to church.

alarm set for 0500hours tomorrow. 



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