Wednesday, September 5, 2012


oh hey there.

perhaps with my recent dearth of posts, you'd think that maybe i've been up to something super cool, like saving the world, being socially in demand (oh y'know, lunches, catch-ups, the such) or even on a series of flirty dates?


all i have done in the past couple of weeks or so, is roll around in bed, potter from my room to the computer, move my ass a dozen or so laps around the park in the evenings, read the newspaper from cover to cover, consume morsel after morsel of food, bask in the dim glare of the telly, and creep all over facebook.

shocker. totally exciting and filled with rollercoaster drama, ay?

the very latest in breaking news ; i was supposed to go for a run today, but due to cold and rainy weather, coupled with an annoyingly persistent flu, has turned me towards remaining indoors instead.

i have so much excitement in my life, even desperate housewives couldn't live up to me anymore. 


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