Wednesday, September 26, 2012


when i was interning, i did quite a bit of writing. 

one of my assignments was for this celebrity's show. i was to come up with advice on how to eat healthy and creative ways to be active, for her to talk about on her show and so i did. it was said that this piece would only be intended for her show.

some days ago, i was browsing the internet and happened to visit her website. i saw two of my articles there, every single word exactly as they were. however, she made it look like it was hers, never crediting their original source (in other words, me.)

please understand i'm not mad, or even annoyed. but it beats me why she would do that. i mean if you have a website, shouldn't the content be YOUR own, for the individual to express their personalized thoughts, feelings, and views? instead of squarely copy-pasting it from someone else?


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