Saturday, September 22, 2012


a couple days ago i went out with rachel. 

our last time hanging out together before she leaves to UK! there's this queer combination of conflicting emotions - on one hand i feel really happy for her because she's doing something she's interested in, that she'll be able to have the experience and exposure of living in another country. on the other, she won't be here anymore. i'll truly miss her, not being able to meet up, girltalk, and our premarathon sleepovers that we always have before a race!

ah well let's get on with this post. 

had subway for lunch, i've been craving it for the longest time ever! sub of the day was roasted chicken, the healthiest option on the menu and its calories are the second lowest (option with the least calories is the vegie delite but eating just vegies + bread and paying so much? no way.)

my sub on the right looks way bigger than hers because i asked the guy to load on the vegies. i think he got annoyed with me but well whatevs.

my roasted chicken sub omnomnom

headed to popular because she wanted to get some stationary. 

a picture i took just for the heck of it, and also because i wanted to update my blog with more pictures (i know my blog has been substantially lacking pictures of my daily life for quite some time already.)

paper quilling art.

outside some huge petstore in ikano. the bunny is overexposed!

after that we just walked around and browsed a bit more and i bought a couple of things. it seemed like hardly any time had passed before we both had to go. 

last picture together, because who knows when we'll see each other next!

all the best in UK and God bless!

p.s. some of the stuff i got that day.

flats from pyramid, rm25

earrings from ikano, 3 for rm10. 

i got a dress and a belt too but they're upstairs in my room already and i'm too lazy to take them down and lay them out to photograph them hee.


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