Wednesday, September 12, 2012


some time ago i was eating ais kacang with my mum. i get a few readers from outside malaysia too, (hi there!) goodness knows how they get here from countries like france, estonia, slovakia, greenland, pakistan or canada.

anyway, for the benefit of my foreign readers, ais kacang is a malaysian dessert which translates as 'shaved ice'. a bowl is filled with a mountain of ice shavings, then milk and syrup is poured over it. a variety of toppings are added, such as jelly, red beans, sweetcorn, ice cream, etc.

so as i was saying, i had gone for ais kacang with my mum. we had already worked through more than half of it, when she remarked

"not sweet enough. take it to the guy and ask him to add more syrup." i obligingly complied. then i came back and we continued eating.

"come to think of it, there's not enough corn. could you go tell the guy to give us a couple spoonfuls of corn?" again, i went and returned with the requested corn.

"now i think it needs more ice shavings. milk as well. you should get them too."

"what is this mum! i've already asked them for so much, they'll be annoyed with me if i go a third time. telling them to add this, add that, add so many things. imagine if someone eating a burger took theirs to the kitchen and said 
'i need more lettuce. now gimme some more onions. and a few slices of ham as well.  and another beef patty. that's right, now i need two more buns.'
the restaurant would be practically giving them another burger for free! well if you want more ice then you should go ask them yourself. i'm not going back another time."

as you can guess, she didn't want to go either. so we sat and ate the ais kacang together until it was gone and we went home.

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