Thursday, August 2, 2012


a few days ago i out with someone, getting some errands done. around teatime, they decided that it was time for some eats so we entered a restaurant and sat down. they ordered, but i wasn't feeling particularly hungry so i just got a drink and people watched while half-daydreaming and stirring my straw in circles.

a couple casually walked past and my gaze lazily followed them. then the person i was with remarked 

"would you look at that? the girl was wearing such old, torn, slippers. she must be rather poor. how in the world do you think a person like that is able to have a boyfriend?"

my reaction :

so, all poor / not-so-well off people are condemned to rot and die alone, undeserving of love? 

words escape my sheer disbelief at the utter ridiculosity of the situation.

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