Monday, August 20, 2012


so let's hear a story of how i totally humiliated myself a couple of days ago.

i was in a shopping mall and had bought some fruits to eat (i.e. papayas & watermelon) while walking around. after we were done eating, we strolled into one of the stores and were looking around. i saw an outfit that caught my eye, and enquired about it towards one of the store assistants. she was very helpful ; after a few minutes, i thanked her and gave her an genuine, heartfelt smile which stretched from ear to ear. 

immediately upon leaving the store, we walked into the washroom as my friend really needed to go. i washed my hands and checked my appearance in the mirror. needless to say i was mortified to discover i had a bright orange piece of papaya stuck between my front teeth and turned beetroot red with embarrassment.

the end.


oh well, at least someone had a chuckle even if it was at my expense. 

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