Thursday, August 23, 2012


why do i care substantially about what i look like?

the media and magazines tells us that 'inner beauty' trumps outer, but at the same time put only skinny, airbrushed models on their glossy pages, so many layers of makeup caked on their faces to the extent that you can practically see the hairline cracks that come with the difficulty of smiling. or actually, any expression at all besides a stony mask.


i have this friend who manages an event company. the other day when i was talking with him, i asked "so what kind of jobs are there available in your field?" when i said that, i was only making casual conversation but he must've thought i was enquiring after possible openings and replied "oh well, hmm.. well cheryl it's like this. you gotta understand, we only want people with specific criteria. tall, slender, pretty. so yeah, but no offence"

nah, i wasn't offended. but it did get me thinking about such a scenario.

there are two girls, Jane and Sue, who are both law graduates are equally smart. however, Jane has the looks and body of a supermodel where else Sue is plain and ordinary. Sue could be a lawyer, a corporate advisor, a consultant, etc. but with her looks, Jane can be all that as well AND MORE. talkshow host, newscaster, model, air stewardess, actress, and more.

and it's not just girls i'm talking about okay! in the classic movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', the main characters of the show are Holly (audrey hepburn) and Paul (george peppard). Paul is an aspiring writer, (though it seems, a not very good one) who is being financed by his generously wealthy mistress who pays his rent and bills. woe to Paul's sugar mummy who set him up in the particular apartment when he falls in love with Holly who lives just a few doors away from him!

would he have been able to find a sugar mummy if he didn't look as dashing as he does? hehheh. 
(hmm.. wonder if i'd be able to find a rich sugar daddy if my writing career doesn't take off smoothly either. HAHA I KID!)

hiyah okay so maybe i'm being a bit long winded but THE POINT IS sometimes more often than not, outer appearance plays an undeniable part in each person's life (no matter which gender we're talking about.) if you're good looking, things are just that much more likely to go your way than if you weren't.

so i work out a lot and am more concerned about what i eat. yes it's great to be healthy, determined, motivated, passionate and all that but i'd also be lying if i said i don't appreciate that i look better as compared to before i started.

i want to look good. if it floats your boat, call me a silly shallow female and sue me. if that's what it means then yep, i wholeheartedly acknowledge and accept it! 

p.s. you may not proclaim to the whole world on your blog that you care about what you look like.  but you do too, so don't deny it! :)


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