Thursday, August 9, 2012


guess what guess what? 

shock, horror, the end of the world? no siree. on the contrary, i shall be reasonable and practical and deal with this in an entirely levelheaded and calm manner.

on hindsight, i SHOULD have seen this coming. while interning was a lovely enlightening experience, what was not so lovely was sitting a desk some 9hours+ every single day. tsk, tsk, hard to handle for a lively jumpy person as myself. yes i still did go running in the mornings and evenings. nevertheless considering the fact that i was being seriously inactive for such a large amount of time i must say i ate way more calories than my body needed. and those calories found their way to my thighs. 

also, i was snacking much too frequently at work. 

cheers for it all being healthy (oats, yogurt, wholegrain peanutbutter sandwiches, fruits) but i can now testify firsthand that you CAN eat healthy and gain weight if you don't keep track of the amount you eat. you can't exactly expect to inhale your weight in peanutbutter sandwiches (yes they're healthier than most, but as with all foods still a source of calories nonetheless.) spending that long in the office staring at a screen, issues like this just sorta generally drifted round and about while never really registering in my mind, y'know? 

apart from that, i've realized that over the past two months, i've been much too lax with the indulgences. yes treats are fine (even encouraged) every once in a while. however, saying 'just this once' too many times over resulted in those itty bitty calorie traps becoming a regular occurrence, which equal some extra junk in my trunk DUN DUN DUN.

have these pair of shorts which i wear loose (while i disagree with the display-your-entire-buttcrack-for-the-world-to-see style, i quite like them slung low on my hips.) 

so the chubs stealthily stole upon my person, and i happily went about in oblivion until last week when i pulled on the said pair of shorts and they fit fine. i thought "oh maybe they shrank in the wash?" but then proceeded to try on other clothes. gosh, and they all felt more snug. eventhough they still fit me (yes i can still wear my size 3 roxy shorts thankyouverymuch) but this was solid PROOF that i have gained a few inches all over.

at first i was 

but then i was like 


no, i am not happy with this. and i'm not going to take this sitting down.
i'm going to fight it by i'm going to making changes and i WILL get results.

my plan of attack is simple and only involves these steps :

- stop eating around the clock 
- move more 
- indulge less

and above all, to BE PATIENT. it took me about two months to gain this weight, so i'm going to be realistic and give myself roughly a month and a half to get back in shape.

weight loss is not a destination, it's a journey and a lifelong one at that. your body does not stay in one shape forever. you can either be dedicated and mindful to be in your best form possible, or continuously lazy and uncaring to become sloppy and unfit. i've been careless but i'm dusting myself off and going at it once more.

it's like a neverending climb ; at the top (all sexy and foxy) one must be careful not to to let one's guard down knocking back margherita after margherita as it can derail the effort that you've put into obtaining that achievement. that being said, if you've lost focus and now find yourself at the bottom, don't worry too much or be too upset as tomorrow is a new day and another chance! 

i may have slipped up, but i refuse to be glum and miserable about this setback. i've done it before ; i CAN AND WILL do it again.


tomorrow i'll be going to a gathering-slash-potluck which inevitably means copious amounts of food. while everyone attacks the table, i'll be standing at the back muttering to myself repeating everything i've said in this post lest i *somehow* become so disoriented by the mountain of morsels that i somehow forget that i want to lose weight and am supposed to be watching what i eat.

repeat after me. 


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  1. I'm a constant reader but this is my first time commenting. Firstly, well done for keeping your weight off through practicing a healthy lifestyle and ditching your unhealthy eating pattern.

    I'm truly impressed by your determination and passion for healthy eating and living. However, I think you may be taking this a teeny weeny bit too far these days.

    I must say you look great and beautiful, and I know gaining even just a little weight frustrates you as it does for most of us people, however as much as you hear this, weight fluctuates a lot. You should not allow the scale to decide your happiness. I mean, look at you, now transformed into a fit young lady through so much effort!

    Of course you should give yourself credit and always remind yourself to relax and let loose sometimes. Food is for fuel but it ought to be enjoyed when being consumed too. Have you ever considered that you may have been denying your cravings a bit too extreme lately?

    I'm not judging, I simply think your eats are very much repetitive and lack variations (I know sometimes you can't help it too). Of course this is completely your own decision, I'm just wondering if you actually feel the lack of satisfaction from your food due to repetitive eats? (Just trying to help no bad intentions)

    As soon as you grow older and look back, you may realise just how much you've missed due to paying too much attention about your weight and diet. Girls tend to focus too much on weight and body sizes that they miss out so much in life. I understand exercise, working out and healthy eating have become a huge part of your life, but life is all about balance, isn't it? You are doing extremely well, keep this in mind.

    You've came a long way, it was a difficult journey for you to lose all that weight and you are amazing. I'm just concerned that in the long run you may develop certain unhealthy obsessions towards healthy food and refuse all things claimed 'bad' or 'unhealthy' when really, in moderation, nothing can harm your body. In fact, satisfying your cravings doesn't mean giving in, it merely means you understand your body and treats it well after it had pull you through so many long grueling runs.

    All the best, girl!