Thursday, August 16, 2012


after one of my previous posts, i received the following message from a reader :

"I'm a constant reader but this is my first time commenting. Firstly, well done for keeping your weight off through practicing a healthy lifestyle and ditching your unhealthy eating pattern.

I'm truly impressed by your determination and passion for healthy eating and living. However, I think you may be taking this a teeny weeny bit too far these days.

I must say you look great and beautiful, and I know gaining even just a little weight frustrates you as it does for most of us people, however as much as you hear this, weight fluctuates a lot. You should not allow the scale to decide your happiness. I mean, look at you, now transformed into a fit young lady through so much effort!

Of course you should give yourself credit and always remind yourself to relax and let loose sometimes. Food is for fuel but it ought to be enjoyed when being consumed too. Have you ever considered that you may have been denying your cravings a bit too extreme lately?

I'm not judging, I simply think your eats are very much repetitive and lack variations (I know sometimes you can't help it too). Of course this is completely your own decision, I'm just wondering if you actually feel the lack of satisfaction from your food due to repetitive eats? (Just trying to help no bad intentions)

As soon as you grow older and look back, you may realise just how much you've missed due to paying too much attention about your weight and diet. Girls tend to focus too much on weight and body sizes that they miss out so much in life. I understand exercise, working out and healthy eating have become a huge part of your life, but life is all about balance, isn't it? You are doing extremely well, keep this in mind.

You've came a long way, it was a difficult journey for you to lose all that weight and you are amazing. I'm just concerned that in the long run you may develop certain unhealthy obsessions towards healthy food and refuse all things claimed 'bad' or 'unhealthy' when really, in moderation, nothing can harm your body. In fact, satisfying your cravings doesn't mean giving in, it merely means you understand your body and treats it well after it had pull you through so many long grueling runs.

All the best, girl!"

such a thoughtful, considerate, caring note tugged the corners of my lips into a smile. although the author might be off on a few details here and there, it doesn't matter because i know her intentions are genuinely real and concerned. and for that, i send my fondest thanks.


nevertheless, i would also like to humbly put in my two cents worth of thoughts. it's not the first time that someone has told me i'm depriving myself, and i doubt it'll be the last. pushing myself too hard, measuring my happiness by the scale, etc (fyi, that last one doesn't hold water cos i don't even weigh myself anymore.) 

i'm rather intrigued. do people somehow have the idea that i'm miserably putting forcing myself to do all this? that i actually find this torturous, boring and crappy but grumpily plod through although i hate every moment of it?

when i was larger, i wasn't very pleased with it. so i made changes. i started to read every article on health, fitness, and nutrition that i could get my hands on. gradually but surely, i developed a profound interest and passion for what i was doing. exercising became no longer a chore but something i was glad to do, something exciting and to be looked forward to because i could push myself and improve.

on the contrary to what people seem to think, i love what i'm doing. it motivates me, makes me feel stronger and empowered, it makes me feel happy and accomplished. i've had people thank me for inspiring them, i've had people tell me i look fabulous now (does that mean i looked less-than-ravishing before? heh, just teasing), others feel the need to tell me to 'stop or slow down', while still others say i'm insane / obsessed / you name it. well you can't please everyone so i'm not going to attempt to anyway.

i find it interesting that most of the negative, less than encouraging feedback that i've received has largely come from those around my age. those in their 30s or more, say things like "i wish i'd developed more interest for my health when i was your age!" because as you move along in years, you suddenly realize you can't eat a whole pizza anymore then still look and feel normal. 


about what i eat, i understand that it must be incredibly boring to most people. however, if you ask those who are around me the most (family, friends, classmates, colleagues) they would definitely tell you that i'm happily downing mouthfuls instead of pulling a long face while eating. i agree that what i eat is repetitive and i tend to eat the same things over and over again (i've been eating this way for more than a year and a half already!) for others, maybe you'd be so sick of it by now you'd refuse to ever look at another apple again but hey, it works for me and i'm still looking forward to every meal. however if i ever get bored (touch wood) i'll definitely change things up!

if you refer to this, i'm no advocate of deprivation to what i may feel like eating once in a while. like i said, treats are allowed, even encouraged! only that i've been way too generous with them lately (beef taco? yes please. blueberry muffin? thanks! chocolate truffles? right this way.) which is why i've put on a teeny bit. which leads to another issue i find curious.

do you people think that just because i've put on, it's the end of the world for me? that i'm not going to enjoy life anymore but instead be BFFS with plain water and punish myself by going to extremes? all i said was that i intend to 

  • eat less (as opposed to eating the whole day while facing the screen when i was in an office)
  • move more (which i'm naturally doing now that my bum is no longer glued to a seat from 9am-8pm.)
  • be more mindful of indulgences (also not an issue compared to work-related events where there'd be meringue puffs, macarons, new york cheesecake, chocolate covered pralines, fruit and custard tarts, wagyu burgers, orange mousse in chocolate cups, the list goes on)

i truly do thank everyone who has been so concerned and thoughtful. honestly, i read every single message (EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.) and i'm really touched that people out there are whizzing their wishes through the internet to reach me in my corner of the world. i appreciate all your comments and messages, and am grateful that there are people reading what i write. thank you for visiting, and do keep dropping by! :)

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  1. It's me again! Sorry you had to pull yourself through the previously long message from me. Thanks for taking the effort and time to reply.

    I can really relate to how you feel- about food and diet also life. And really, it's amazingly impressive and highly motivating to see you being so optimistic and eager to live a balanced, healthy life.

    God loves u. He allowed u to gain so much weight before but also guided u to the right path- the healthy journey.

    Perhaps losing those weight had been a rather tough journey, but why my, your thoughts and attitude towards life have certainly changed for the better.

    I'm really glad u didn't see my point of view as a way of criticizing or discouraging you, because that was never my intention.

    I see you're balancing food and life pretty well. Just a bit so reminder here: When having an intense craving for a piece of chocolate, don't hesitate, go for it; but if out of boredom, drift your attention with something else instead; when feeling sluggish, even a brisk walk will lighten your mood; when feeling sore or numb, do go easy on your body, it will appreciate it.

    I'll definitely keep reading, and I hope you don't mind my LONGGGGGGGGGG messages :)