Tuesday, August 28, 2012


♪♪ ba-dee-dum-da
    ba-dee-dum-da ♪♪

cue me humming a happy song and being very pleased with myself. i ran today morning, something i haven't done in a long time! over the past couple of weeks, i've felt seriously glum and in a rut about my running. but i still had to go though, because well i need SOME form of being active on break otherwise i'd be a slug sitting in front of the computer and eating my life away. so i'd drag my ass to the road but be sort of halfhearted about it.

after 3 weeks of not-too-serious running (more like walking and jogging) i think i've come back swinging! going to sign up for Penang Bridge Marathon 2012 since it doesn't fall in the way of my finals. going for the half marathon category woots woots :D

fine, that's enough yakking from me. it's been way too long since i posted pictures from my daily life on here! again, pics are from all over the place, randoms that have been snapped with my phone.


my feet are very much noticeably fairer than my calves and thighs. you just want everything you can't have, eh? running nicely helps to keep the lard off, but that's what i end up with - dual toned legs. oh well, i'd rather live with option that than with the other!


chilly mornings with weak sunshine and a nice breeze, lovely weather we've been having. :)


had dinner at victoria station on mum's birthday. baked salmon with heaps of vegies (i requested for the fries to be replaced with vegies.)


taken before the start of Shape Night Run, from right at the front of the crowd (where i slipped in just before they cordoned off all the openings.)


graham biscuits in the form of bunnies. given to me by adelina when i was still with Shape. good times..


food prep! boiled chicken breast, oats, fruits, and plain yogurt. so healthy and so good, mmm. unfortunately (as most of you would have read) i was eating TOO MUCH and TOO OFTEN that i gained weight during internship. not too much, only 3kgs but still! me no happy about it. 


my mum loves the durian puffs from casamia bakery near my dentist, so we ventured there one day after an appointment. that's my dad's hand in the picture.


brother sleeping in the car.


my big toenail on my right foot has mysteriously turned black. why, i have no idea. doesn't hurt though.


one night when my family had dominos for dinner. i said no and instead ate 3 jambus.


jambu over pizza, and i regret nothing! :) they were really sweet and fresh and cold.


another day when i had dragonfruit for lunch. fruits are awesome.


a puny and skinny adolescent boy next to a bevy of lean, strong, and toned beauties, hehe. found the above amusing as i was flipping through the pages of oxygen mag. 

when i was interning, i could read all the health and fitness magazines i wanted. now? it's back to sitting cross legged for hours on the floor of mph and popular when i want to do the same. when magazines like runners world, oxygen magazine, or women's health costs rm20 and upwards per copy and i'm not rich, that's just what i do to get my reads. :)


slight blisters on my hands after doing pullups, chin ups, and bar push ups.


brother being a nerd. 


cupcakes being served when we went to the opening of one of my dad's clients new stores.


moth which has stayed put in the same spot in my house for two days now.


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