Wednesday, August 8, 2012


hello everyone! 

i have so many things lined up this week and i'm so happy! just got back from a catchup session with rachel. besides the fact that subway was closed (the ONE day when i feel like eating bread) we had a great time! window shopped, i didn't buy anything though which is a good thing as i'm trying to cut back on spending money.


agenda for this week.

monday, 6/08 - nicole's birthday party.

tuesday, 7/08 - gathering / dinner at family friend's house.

wednesday, 8/08 - meetup with rachel @ pyramid.

thursday, 9/08 - selection for MAPCU intercollege games (athletics)

friday, 10/08 - RBS reunion

saturday, 11/08 - waterfall trip

sunday, 12/08 - church and whatevernot.


i'm really excited about selections which will be held tomorrow! i have no idea what event i'll be called out for, only that they'll be running events. ugh, i don't even know for sure whether i'll get to participate in the actual competition (fingers crossed though.)



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