Tuesday, August 14, 2012


good day my readers, good day. how has your day been? mine, has been smashingly awesome.


did you hear that? AWE-SOME.
  • woke up at 1100hrs and rolled around for a good half an hour more before finally trundling out of bed. did you know i love holidays? because i love holidays.
  • ordered a beautiful sky blue dress online. at least, it LOOKED beautifully sky blue on the monitor. regular online shoppers such as myself know that how the product appears on-screen and the actual thing can differ greatly. hmmm..
  • decided to go for a run at mpsj. 
workout :
- 8km run on track
- 8mins running on stairs
- 5mins jumping rope
- 2km walk home

  • met a good friend from high school at the track, whom i haven't seen in a loooong while due to his going abroad for studies. it was good catching up with him. :) 
  • had a solid day of PERFECT eating ; hardboiled eggs, apples, oats, rock melon, coffee, the couple bites of cheesecake.. yes, cheesecake. 

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