Tuesday, August 28, 2012


♪♪ ba-dee-dum-da
    ba-dee-dum-da ♪♪

cue me humming a happy song and being very pleased with myself. i ran today morning, something i haven't done in a long time! over the past couple of weeks, i've felt seriously glum and in a rut about my running. but i still had to go though, because well i need SOME form of being active on break otherwise i'd be a slug sitting in front of the computer and eating my life away. so i'd drag my ass to the road but be sort of halfhearted about it.

after 3 weeks of not-too-serious running (more like walking and jogging) i think i've come back swinging! going to sign up for Penang Bridge Marathon 2012 since it doesn't fall in the way of my finals. going for the half marathon category woots woots :D

fine, that's enough yakking from me. it's been way too long since i posted pictures from my daily life on here! again, pics are from all over the place, randoms that have been snapped with my phone.


my feet are very much noticeably fairer than my calves and thighs. you just want everything you can't have, eh? running nicely helps to keep the lard off, but that's what i end up with - dual toned legs. oh well, i'd rather live with option that than with the other!


chilly mornings with weak sunshine and a nice breeze, lovely weather we've been having. :)


had dinner at victoria station on mum's birthday. baked salmon with heaps of vegies (i requested for the fries to be replaced with vegies.)


taken before the start of Shape Night Run, from right at the front of the crowd (where i slipped in just before they cordoned off all the openings.)


graham biscuits in the form of bunnies. given to me by adelina when i was still with Shape. good times..


food prep! boiled chicken breast, oats, fruits, and plain yogurt. so healthy and so good, mmm. unfortunately (as most of you would have read) i was eating TOO MUCH and TOO OFTEN that i gained weight during internship. not too much, only 3kgs but still! me no happy about it. 


my mum loves the durian puffs from casamia bakery near my dentist, so we ventured there one day after an appointment. that's my dad's hand in the picture.


brother sleeping in the car.


my big toenail on my right foot has mysteriously turned black. why, i have no idea. doesn't hurt though.


one night when my family had dominos for dinner. i said no and instead ate 3 jambus.


jambu over pizza, and i regret nothing! :) they were really sweet and fresh and cold.


another day when i had dragonfruit for lunch. fruits are awesome.


a puny and skinny adolescent boy next to a bevy of lean, strong, and toned beauties, hehe. found the above amusing as i was flipping through the pages of oxygen mag. 

when i was interning, i could read all the health and fitness magazines i wanted. now? it's back to sitting cross legged for hours on the floor of mph and popular when i want to do the same. when magazines like runners world, oxygen magazine, or women's health costs rm20 and upwards per copy and i'm not rich, that's just what i do to get my reads. :)


slight blisters on my hands after doing pullups, chin ups, and bar push ups.


brother being a nerd. 


cupcakes being served when we went to the opening of one of my dad's clients new stores.


moth which has stayed put in the same spot in my house for two days now.


Thursday, August 23, 2012


why do i care substantially about what i look like?

the media and magazines tells us that 'inner beauty' trumps outer, but at the same time put only skinny, airbrushed models on their glossy pages, so many layers of makeup caked on their faces to the extent that you can practically see the hairline cracks that come with the difficulty of smiling. or actually, any expression at all besides a stony mask.


i have this friend who manages an event company. the other day when i was talking with him, i asked "so what kind of jobs are there available in your field?" when i said that, i was only making casual conversation but he must've thought i was enquiring after possible openings and replied "oh well, hmm.. well cheryl it's like this. you gotta understand, we only want people with specific criteria. tall, slender, pretty. so yeah, but no offence"

nah, i wasn't offended. but it did get me thinking about such a scenario.

there are two girls, Jane and Sue, who are both law graduates are equally smart. however, Jane has the looks and body of a supermodel where else Sue is plain and ordinary. Sue could be a lawyer, a corporate advisor, a consultant, etc. but with her looks, Jane can be all that as well AND MORE. talkshow host, newscaster, model, air stewardess, actress, and more.

and it's not just girls i'm talking about okay! in the classic movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', the main characters of the show are Holly (audrey hepburn) and Paul (george peppard). Paul is an aspiring writer, (though it seems, a not very good one) who is being financed by his generously wealthy mistress who pays his rent and bills. woe to Paul's sugar mummy who set him up in the particular apartment when he falls in love with Holly who lives just a few doors away from him!

would he have been able to find a sugar mummy if he didn't look as dashing as he does? hehheh. 
(hmm.. wonder if i'd be able to find a rich sugar daddy if my writing career doesn't take off smoothly either. HAHA I KID!)

hiyah okay so maybe i'm being a bit long winded but THE POINT IS sometimes more often than not, outer appearance plays an undeniable part in each person's life (no matter which gender we're talking about.) if you're good looking, things are just that much more likely to go your way than if you weren't.

so i work out a lot and am more concerned about what i eat. yes it's great to be healthy, determined, motivated, passionate and all that but i'd also be lying if i said i don't appreciate that i look better as compared to before i started.

i want to look good. if it floats your boat, call me a silly shallow female and sue me. if that's what it means then yep, i wholeheartedly acknowledge and accept it! 

p.s. you may not proclaim to the whole world on your blog that you care about what you look like.  but you do too, so don't deny it! :)


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


jilian michaels. love her, love her so much!

can't say for sure i'd feel that way still if i were a contestant on The Biggest Loser though, heh.


Monday, August 20, 2012


so let's hear a story of how i totally humiliated myself a couple of days ago.

i was in a shopping mall and had bought some fruits to eat (i.e. papayas & watermelon) while walking around. after we were done eating, we strolled into one of the stores and were looking around. i saw an outfit that caught my eye, and enquired about it towards one of the store assistants. she was very helpful ; after a few minutes, i thanked her and gave her an genuine, heartfelt smile which stretched from ear to ear. 

immediately upon leaving the store, we walked into the washroom as my friend really needed to go. i washed my hands and checked my appearance in the mirror. needless to say i was mortified to discover i had a bright orange piece of papaya stuck between my front teeth and turned beetroot red with embarrassment.

the end.


oh well, at least someone had a chuckle even if it was at my expense. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


after one of my previous posts, i received the following message from a reader :

"I'm a constant reader but this is my first time commenting. Firstly, well done for keeping your weight off through practicing a healthy lifestyle and ditching your unhealthy eating pattern.

I'm truly impressed by your determination and passion for healthy eating and living. However, I think you may be taking this a teeny weeny bit too far these days.

I must say you look great and beautiful, and I know gaining even just a little weight frustrates you as it does for most of us people, however as much as you hear this, weight fluctuates a lot. You should not allow the scale to decide your happiness. I mean, look at you, now transformed into a fit young lady through so much effort!

Of course you should give yourself credit and always remind yourself to relax and let loose sometimes. Food is for fuel but it ought to be enjoyed when being consumed too. Have you ever considered that you may have been denying your cravings a bit too extreme lately?

I'm not judging, I simply think your eats are very much repetitive and lack variations (I know sometimes you can't help it too). Of course this is completely your own decision, I'm just wondering if you actually feel the lack of satisfaction from your food due to repetitive eats? (Just trying to help no bad intentions)

As soon as you grow older and look back, you may realise just how much you've missed due to paying too much attention about your weight and diet. Girls tend to focus too much on weight and body sizes that they miss out so much in life. I understand exercise, working out and healthy eating have become a huge part of your life, but life is all about balance, isn't it? You are doing extremely well, keep this in mind.

You've came a long way, it was a difficult journey for you to lose all that weight and you are amazing. I'm just concerned that in the long run you may develop certain unhealthy obsessions towards healthy food and refuse all things claimed 'bad' or 'unhealthy' when really, in moderation, nothing can harm your body. In fact, satisfying your cravings doesn't mean giving in, it merely means you understand your body and treats it well after it had pull you through so many long grueling runs.

All the best, girl!"

such a thoughtful, considerate, caring note tugged the corners of my lips into a smile. although the author might be off on a few details here and there, it doesn't matter because i know her intentions are genuinely real and concerned. and for that, i send my fondest thanks.


nevertheless, i would also like to humbly put in my two cents worth of thoughts. it's not the first time that someone has told me i'm depriving myself, and i doubt it'll be the last. pushing myself too hard, measuring my happiness by the scale, etc (fyi, that last one doesn't hold water cos i don't even weigh myself anymore.) 

i'm rather intrigued. do people somehow have the idea that i'm miserably putting forcing myself to do all this? that i actually find this torturous, boring and crappy but grumpily plod through although i hate every moment of it?

when i was larger, i wasn't very pleased with it. so i made changes. i started to read every article on health, fitness, and nutrition that i could get my hands on. gradually but surely, i developed a profound interest and passion for what i was doing. exercising became no longer a chore but something i was glad to do, something exciting and to be looked forward to because i could push myself and improve.

on the contrary to what people seem to think, i love what i'm doing. it motivates me, makes me feel stronger and empowered, it makes me feel happy and accomplished. i've had people thank me for inspiring them, i've had people tell me i look fabulous now (does that mean i looked less-than-ravishing before? heh, just teasing), others feel the need to tell me to 'stop or slow down', while still others say i'm insane / obsessed / you name it. well you can't please everyone so i'm not going to attempt to anyway.

i find it interesting that most of the negative, less than encouraging feedback that i've received has largely come from those around my age. those in their 30s or more, say things like "i wish i'd developed more interest for my health when i was your age!" because as you move along in years, you suddenly realize you can't eat a whole pizza anymore then still look and feel normal. 


about what i eat, i understand that it must be incredibly boring to most people. however, if you ask those who are around me the most (family, friends, classmates, colleagues) they would definitely tell you that i'm happily downing mouthfuls instead of pulling a long face while eating. i agree that what i eat is repetitive and i tend to eat the same things over and over again (i've been eating this way for more than a year and a half already!) for others, maybe you'd be so sick of it by now you'd refuse to ever look at another apple again but hey, it works for me and i'm still looking forward to every meal. however if i ever get bored (touch wood) i'll definitely change things up!

if you refer to this, i'm no advocate of deprivation to what i may feel like eating once in a while. like i said, treats are allowed, even encouraged! only that i've been way too generous with them lately (beef taco? yes please. blueberry muffin? thanks! chocolate truffles? right this way.) which is why i've put on a teeny bit. which leads to another issue i find curious.

do you people think that just because i've put on, it's the end of the world for me? that i'm not going to enjoy life anymore but instead be BFFS with plain water and punish myself by going to extremes? all i said was that i intend to 

  • eat less (as opposed to eating the whole day while facing the screen when i was in an office)
  • move more (which i'm naturally doing now that my bum is no longer glued to a seat from 9am-8pm.)
  • be more mindful of indulgences (also not an issue compared to work-related events where there'd be meringue puffs, macarons, new york cheesecake, chocolate covered pralines, fruit and custard tarts, wagyu burgers, orange mousse in chocolate cups, the list goes on)

i truly do thank everyone who has been so concerned and thoughtful. honestly, i read every single message (EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.) and i'm really touched that people out there are whizzing their wishes through the internet to reach me in my corner of the world. i appreciate all your comments and messages, and am grateful that there are people reading what i write. thank you for visiting, and do keep dropping by! :)


And if you look a little closer, you’ll see that if a person believes that life is terrible, they’ll constantly look for proof of this, to confirm their view of the world. They’ll find quotes and situations and events in their life and magnify them a hundred times. If a person believes that life is wonderful, they’ll look for the corresponding signage and behave in a similar manner to the previous person with their view of the world. 

Often, this is the same person on different days of the week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


good day my readers, good day. how has your day been? mine, has been smashingly awesome.


did you hear that? AWE-SOME.
  • woke up at 1100hrs and rolled around for a good half an hour more before finally trundling out of bed. did you know i love holidays? because i love holidays.
  • ordered a beautiful sky blue dress online. at least, it LOOKED beautifully sky blue on the monitor. regular online shoppers such as myself know that how the product appears on-screen and the actual thing can differ greatly. hmmm..
  • decided to go for a run at mpsj. 
workout :
- 8km run on track
- 8mins running on stairs
- 5mins jumping rope
- 2km walk home

  • met a good friend from high school at the track, whom i haven't seen in a loooong while due to his going abroad for studies. it was good catching up with him. :) 
  • had a solid day of PERFECT eating ; hardboiled eggs, apples, oats, rock melon, coffee, the couple bites of cheesecake.. yes, cheesecake. 

Monday, August 13, 2012


Aliya Mustafina, 18.
Country of origin : Russia.
Most decorated gymnast at the London 2012 Olympics.

Interviewer :
     "What would be a reason not to go to the gym?"

Aliya Mustafina :

Thursday, August 9, 2012


guess what guess what? 

shock, horror, the end of the world? no siree. on the contrary, i shall be reasonable and practical and deal with this in an entirely levelheaded and calm manner.

on hindsight, i SHOULD have seen this coming. while interning was a lovely enlightening experience, what was not so lovely was sitting a desk some 9hours+ every single day. tsk, tsk, hard to handle for a lively jumpy person as myself. yes i still did go running in the mornings and evenings. nevertheless considering the fact that i was being seriously inactive for such a large amount of time i must say i ate way more calories than my body needed. and those calories found their way to my thighs. 

also, i was snacking much too frequently at work. 

cheers for it all being healthy (oats, yogurt, wholegrain peanutbutter sandwiches, fruits) but i can now testify firsthand that you CAN eat healthy and gain weight if you don't keep track of the amount you eat. you can't exactly expect to inhale your weight in peanutbutter sandwiches (yes they're healthier than most, but as with all foods still a source of calories nonetheless.) spending that long in the office staring at a screen, issues like this just sorta generally drifted round and about while never really registering in my mind, y'know? 

apart from that, i've realized that over the past two months, i've been much too lax with the indulgences. yes treats are fine (even encouraged) every once in a while. however, saying 'just this once' too many times over resulted in those itty bitty calorie traps becoming a regular occurrence, which equal some extra junk in my trunk DUN DUN DUN.

have these pair of shorts which i wear loose (while i disagree with the display-your-entire-buttcrack-for-the-world-to-see style, i quite like them slung low on my hips.) 

so the chubs stealthily stole upon my person, and i happily went about in oblivion until last week when i pulled on the said pair of shorts and they fit fine. i thought "oh maybe they shrank in the wash?" but then proceeded to try on other clothes. gosh, and they all felt more snug. eventhough they still fit me (yes i can still wear my size 3 roxy shorts thankyouverymuch) but this was solid PROOF that i have gained a few inches all over.

at first i was 

but then i was like 


no, i am not happy with this. and i'm not going to take this sitting down.
i'm going to fight it by i'm going to making changes and i WILL get results.

my plan of attack is simple and only involves these steps :

- stop eating around the clock 
- move more 
- indulge less

and above all, to BE PATIENT. it took me about two months to gain this weight, so i'm going to be realistic and give myself roughly a month and a half to get back in shape.

weight loss is not a destination, it's a journey and a lifelong one at that. your body does not stay in one shape forever. you can either be dedicated and mindful to be in your best form possible, or continuously lazy and uncaring to become sloppy and unfit. i've been careless but i'm dusting myself off and going at it once more.

it's like a neverending climb ; at the top (all sexy and foxy) one must be careful not to to let one's guard down knocking back margherita after margherita as it can derail the effort that you've put into obtaining that achievement. that being said, if you've lost focus and now find yourself at the bottom, don't worry too much or be too upset as tomorrow is a new day and another chance! 

i may have slipped up, but i refuse to be glum and miserable about this setback. i've done it before ; i CAN AND WILL do it again.


tomorrow i'll be going to a gathering-slash-potluck which inevitably means copious amounts of food. while everyone attacks the table, i'll be standing at the back muttering to myself repeating everything i've said in this post lest i *somehow* become so disoriented by the mountain of morsels that i somehow forget that i want to lose weight and am supposed to be watching what i eat.

repeat after me. 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012


hello everyone! 

i have so many things lined up this week and i'm so happy! just got back from a catchup session with rachel. besides the fact that subway was closed (the ONE day when i feel like eating bread) we had a great time! window shopped, i didn't buy anything though which is a good thing as i'm trying to cut back on spending money.


agenda for this week.

monday, 6/08 - nicole's birthday party.

tuesday, 7/08 - gathering / dinner at family friend's house.

wednesday, 8/08 - meetup with rachel @ pyramid.

thursday, 9/08 - selection for MAPCU intercollege games (athletics)

friday, 10/08 - RBS reunion

saturday, 11/08 - waterfall trip

sunday, 12/08 - church and whatevernot.


i'm really excited about selections which will be held tomorrow! i have no idea what event i'll be called out for, only that they'll be running events. ugh, i don't even know for sure whether i'll get to participate in the actual competition (fingers crossed though.)



Monday, August 6, 2012


hello there! haven't been updating as frequently as i used to, apologies for that.

anyway, do you guys know what a velvet manicure is? up til a couple minutes ago (literally), me neither! 

from what i gather, you can buy crushed velvet bits, like in the picture below.

you then choose a colour of crushed velvet and paint your nails in a shade similar to the chosen colour.

after you're done painting, you sprinkle the still-wet surface of your nail with the crushed velvet particles. apparently they stay on, and have wonderful staying power at that.

pictures of velvet manicures, taken from http://www.theblackpearlblog.com

what do you guys think?
personally i find it to be more weird than pretty.