Wednesday, July 4, 2012


'payphone' has been playing over the airwaves quite a bit ; not so keen on the original, but this acoustic version sounds really good!



meal 1, 0800hrs
- oatmeal
- coffee
- two wholemeal crackers with tuna

snack, 1200hrs
- one slice of papaya

meal 2, 1400hrs
- 2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites
- 6 wholemeal crackers spread with peanutbutter and sugarfree strawberry preserves
- baked beans

meal 3, 1630hrs
- one slice of papaya
- yogurt
- half a nature valley granola bar
- small portion of raisins

meal 4, 2100hrs
- chicken breast strips + shiitake mushrooms
- pumpkin soup

snack, 2230hrs
- one slice wholegrain bread with honey and peanutbutter
- coffee


practically the whole of today was taken up by a shoot we were having in the studio. it was with Miss Nine, a model / dj from germany. she was very sweet and friendly, loads of fun to work with and channeling her positive energy all throughout the session. shooting with her was such a joy!

got to take a picture with her afterwards. was dressed uber comfy-slash-shabbily, not to mention my awkward, half-grown-out bangs which look neither here nor there. she on the other hand, looked great and was still bursting with vibrance and cheerfulness!

some more pictures of her. she is so sizzling hot! 

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