Friday, July 27, 2012


♪♪ oh hot damn, this is my jam ♪♪

my jam
geddit geddit? hahaha :D

on that note, strawberry jam with lowfat cream cheese on wholegrain bread is super yums!

wearing a basketball jersey at home because i have just so many of them from my high school years. can't bear to throw them out or give them away (they have my name on them, who would want them anyway) as they represent something which i was madly passionate about at a point of time. however since i rarely play ball now, i choose to wear them to sleep instead. they're the comfiest pj's ever! :)


monday will officially be my last day at SHAPE magazine. i'm having funny mixed feelings about completing internship. on one hand, i won't deny that i'm excited to be having holidays (and train like a beast!!), on the other hand i feel a little sad about leaving the writing industry and more importantly everyone at BluInc who has been so, so kind to me.

merina in fact told me "feel free to take monday off" nevertheless i will be going in to tie up loose ends and say bye to everyone.


it's a beautiful saturday afternoon, i'm looking forward to my run in a while! 
hopefully i'll be able to get the skipping rope leonard offered and add that to my workout as well :)

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